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International Sea Kayaking Expeditions

Sea Kayak Ireland's Northwest Coast

Detailed Itinerary

August 8: International flight to Dublin.

August 9
Upon your arrival at the airport in Dublin, you will be greeted by your guides for the trip. Shortly thereafter, we will climb aboard a small plane and fly approximately one hour to our destination in Dungloe, County Donegal. Once we have checked into the local Inn/hotel you will have some time to relax or walk around the town.

August 10
Jet lag hurts! This is a layover day to help you get acclimated to this new region. An optional day trip to bike or hike around Aranmore Island is planned or you may choose to meet some locals in and around town or at the local pub. We'll meet up for dinner in town and then begin packing gear for the trip. Anticipate waking up late.

August 11 (Sea Kayaking: approx. 4 miles):
A van shuttle mid morning will take us to our put-in near Burtonport. After a brief orientation on land to the gear and equipment, we'll begin our sea kayak voyage heading southeast to Inishfree Island where we'll set up camp amidst ruins and enjoy the panoramic view of Ireland's craggy and diverse coastline.

August 12 (Sea Kayaking: approx 12 miles):
An early morning start finds us meandering our way northwest along Aranmore's western shore and then continuing north to Owey Island and its recently deserted village (left occupants left circa 1980). Round Owey if seas are decent; great caves, sea-stacks and passages. Set up camp leaving time to explore the island. A quick paddle to the north tip of Cruit Island to re-supply our water is optional for those wanting a bit more paddling time.

August 13 (Sea Kayaking: approx. 6 miles):
We'll head East into Inishfree Bay, then north to Gola Island. There are some thirty or so abandoned houses on Gola, a thriving little island community until the 1960's. Weather permitting, we'll take a side trip into Magheranagall Bay, a deep glacial enclave dug into the island's western shores. We'll spend a bit of time walking the elevated western shore of the bay, which offers spectacular bird watching and great views!

August 14 (Sea kayaking distance to be determined):
This is a layover day providing opportunities to just kick back and relax on the island, explore the island by foot, or hop back into your sea kayak and explore Gola from the cockpit of your kayak, paddle to nearby Umfin Island, or push north all the way to Inihsmeane or Inishsirrer if we really feel ambitious.

August 15 (Sea Kayaking: approx. 8 miles):
Time to head back; we'll plan on camping on Inishillintry, a small and wild island at the north end of Cruit Bay. Let's hope the winds are turning back also!

August 16 (Sea Kayaking: approx. 8 miles):
We'll plan to sea kayak round the north end of Cruit Island and then head south to Eighter or neighboring Illanagall Island. Should the seas be too rough, we'll travel south along Cruit's eastern shore rounding the island at its southern tip and thread our way through the narrow "inland" passages to Lahan Island.

August 17 ( Sea Kayaking: approx. 2 miles)
We'll meander our way back to our original put-in; take-out and unload; and take a shuttle back to our hotel to clean up, relax, and rest before heading into town for our celebratory dinner and a visit to the local pub owned by the famous artist ENYA's uncle!

August 18
After breakfast, we'll pack up and head to the airport in Carrickfin for our flight back to Dublin. Our final night stay in Ireland will give us the opportunity to walk the streets of Dublin, mingle with the Irish, and sample the local cuisine.

August 19
After breakfast, we'll head to the airport for our afternoon flight back to the states.

Note: This is only an overview of our itinerary; daily plans are always subject to changes due to developing weather patterns and other environmental factors, as well as due to the group's wishes, strengths and weaknesses.

Cost: $3200 per person. (7-10 members) $3400 per person (5-6 members)Single supplement, add $300 Rates quoted are per person, based on sharing double accommodations.

Contact our office to book your trip: 1.888.488.9082

What's Included:

• Professional guides
• All sea kayaking gear
• Group camping gear (tents, cooking apparatus, etc)
• All accommodations in Ireland
• All transportation in Ireland

What's Not Included:

• Transatlantic flight to and from Dublin
• Insurance of any kind
• Excess baggage charges
• Items of a personal nature (sleeping bags, pads, clothing, etc.)

Detailed Itinerary

Sea Kayak Japan's Inland Sea

Detailed Itinerary

This is truly an exploratory trip for adventurous paddlers who wish to immerse themselves not only in the interesting sea kayaking opportunities that exist here but also in the complete cultural experience obtained each day through our interactions with the local areas that we visit along the way and what they have to offer. Our scouting team dropped into the area last September and are prepared to lead you through Japan 's spectacular island thoroughfares, guide you through its cities and villages, and help you to enjoy the adventure of the country's rail system! So follow us as we guide you along this itinerary; we hope you'll consider joining us.

May 16 • October 18
Upon arrival at Kansai airport in Osaka , Japan 's second largest city, we will meet our team of guides. Once through Customs, we will head to the ancient capital of Japan , the historic city of Nara , where our accommodations will offer western comforts and Japanese hospitality. It will be evening in Japan and after a good night's rest we'll be ready for our adventure to begin.

May 17-18 • October 19-20
To truly gain an appreciation of the history, significance and beauty of the historic city of Nara and nearby Kyoto and to give us time to acclimate to the time change we'll spend these two days visiting the Buddhist temples, Shinto shrines, gardens, palaces, and museums that lie within each city's boundaries. Kinkaku-ji, the fabulous Golden Pavilion perched on the edge of a lake; Ryoan-ji, the ultimate Zen garden; Kiyomizu-dera temple famous for its sacred waters; Todaiji Temple the largest wooden structure in the world housing the Great Buddha; Nara park where thousands of deer roam freely day and night; will all be destinations visited over the course of these two days. We'll stroll the streets, visit the shops, and immerse ourselves in Japan 's historic past. The evenings will find us enjoying Kabuki theater and dining on traditional Japanese cuisine in one of the many fine eating establishments in the city. (B,L,D)

May 19-20 • October 21-22
Once we have gotten the feel for the country and our internal clocks on track, we'll begin the journey to the Inland Sea . We'll depart Kyoto station by Shinkansen , Japan 's famous bullet train, as we head west to the island temple precinct of Miyajima. Miyajima is the site of the famous red Torii gate rising out of the sea separating the everyday world from the spiritual realm of the adjoining “floating temple” compound, the Itsukushima Jinja shrine, a symbol of Japanese culture and spirit. Upon arrival, we'll check in to our Inn and then spend some time exploring the village and temple compound at sunset. After a good night's sleep and a traditional Japanese breakfast, we'll be ready to hit the water and view the temple compound from a different perspective. Depending on the tides we'll also have a chance to climb Mt. Misen either by foot or by cable car to gain a bird's eye view of the Inland Sea and its environs. Our accommodations for the two nights will be at a local Ryokan known for its wonderful cuisine; of special note is the local delicacy of eel. (B, L, D)

May 21 • October 23
Departing Miyajima, our sea kayak next destination will be the National Park island of Ohkunoshima where we'll be greeted by cheering school children and the local contingent of rabbits that inhabit the grounds on our short walk to our hotel. This palm tree shaded paradise is surrounded by forested islands that rise up out of the ocean to surprising heights, often with small shrines perched on their hillsides. After we've checked in and grabbed a quick lunch, we'll get in our sea kayaks and circumnavigate this island jewel in the midst of the Inland Sea . Be sure to indulge in the hot baths, Onsen, that the hotel has to offer for a relaxing soak before dinner and a restful sleep before a full day adventure on the morrow. (B,L,D)

May 22-24 • October 24-26 (three days)
Grab your cameras and get ready for a fun-filled day as we launch our sea kayaks and begin our paddle through the waters where pirates once raided, worshipped, and hid their treasures. We'll make landfall on Omishima Island , to explore its famous pirate shrine, Oyamazumi Jinja, and visit the Treasure Hall, a National Museum that holds 80% of the nation's samurai armor belonging to some of the great heros of Japanese history. We'll also have the opportunity to enjoy the local festival of Spring which takes place at the pirate's Shinto shrine. Nearing the end of our day, we'll venture back to our island by kayak under the late afternoon sun and enjoy a relaxing bath before our evening meal. (B,L, D)

Waking to a Japanese style breakfast we will plan the day’s journey to Osakikama shima, an island about 7 miles away. Packing our gear into our boats we’ll head out to our next lodging destination, the Seifukan hotel and spa, perched high on a hill overlooking the Inland Sea. Here you’ll find a wonderful indoor and outdoor onsen with a spectacular view of the islands and the waters we explored the previous day. We’ll dine in authentic Japanese style as we talk about adventures of the day and those to come. (B, L, D)

The Akashi Strait lies ahead, offering the possibility of some dynamic tidal currents as well as the wildlife that thrives in such areas. Our destination will be Osakishimo Shima island, provided conditions permit, where we’ll taste fresh mekan, clementine-like oranges which are deliciously sweet. We’ll also have a chance to sample some of the freshly harvested sea salt indigineous to this area and lunch in the village of Mitarai with some local friends who live in the village. (B, L, D)

May 25 -26 • October 27-28
Our next sea kayaking destination will be the smallest of Japan 's four main islands, Shikoku . first stop will be the city of Matsuyama presided over by towering Matsuyama Castle , one of the best preserved medieval structures in Japan . Just 20 minutes out of town are the famous Dogo Onsen hot springs , renowned for their curative powers and the main attraction of this area. There will be time to explore the castle, city, and the hot springs as well as the outlying areas known for exquisite crafts and other indigenous commodities. A short train ride leads us to the town of Uchiko which has one of only two old Kabuki theaters left in Japan with a revolving stage, cranked by hand, and the old masu-seki seating in wooden squares on the floor. At the end of the day, we'll travel to the southern coast of Shikoku to prepare for our final paddling day – a raft trip down the Yoshino river. (B, L, D)

May 27 • October 29
This final day on the water will take us from the sea to the rivers where we'll enjoy an exciting run down the Yoshino River hosted by our friends at Montbell , Japan 's premier outdoor clothing and equipment supplier. The Yoshino is one of Japan 's last wild and scenic waterways and offers thrills and excitement for all, no matter what your skill level. (B, L, D)

May 28 • October 30
Leaving the islands behind we'll find our way back to Kyoto for the evening, celebrate our adventure with a sayonara finale dinner and prepare for our departure to the US . (B, L, D)

May 29 • October 31
Depart Kansai airport, Japan for US

Cost: $4950 per person (5-8 clients)
With less than 5 clients, there is an additional charge of $200 per person. Costs are based on shared occupancy. Sorry, single accommodations are not available for this trip.

Contact our office to book your trip: 1.888.488.9082

* These costs are subject to change due to the volatility of the exchange rate between the Japanese yen and US dollar. Should an adjustment need to be made to reflect any major differences from the time we figured these costs to the time of the trip, we will notify you 60 days from the trip start date so that you can include any adjustment in your final payment.

What's Included?

• All accommodations in Japan as noted on itinerary
• Meals as noted: (B = Breakfast, L = Lunch, D = Dinner)
• All ground transportation once in Osaka and outlined in itinerary
• All sea kayaking gear and safety equipment
• Qualified and highly trained kayak guides
• Translator and tour guide

What's Not Included?

• International airfare ( U.S. to Osaka )
• Any meals not specified on itinerary
• Fees for optional activities
• Airport departure taxes
• Additional hotel nights that may be needed due to airline schedule changes or other factors
• Insurance of any kind
• Excess baggage charges
• Items of a personal nature (laundry, alcohol, snack foods, etc.)

NOTE: We try to be as accurate as we can with our itineraries but certain factors out of our control can cause the itinerary to change. We appreciate your flexibility and trust in us to provide you with a safe, enjoyable, and memorable experience.



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