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Expediciones Chile
Whitewater Kayaking Trip Selector
November - April 2005/2006

# OF
US dollar
3/4+ optional 5
Chilean Inns &
Campo Tres Monjas
Direct to the Futaleufú and at Campo Tres Monjas




Espolón River and
Campo Tres Monjas or Adventure Center Lodge
Decided by group
As you wish at Campo, Lodge,
wilderness camping
Class 3
4 Rivers
1 Lake
1 week ClubFuta
1 week wilderness camping
1 night lodge
Class 4
As you wish
Campo Tres Monjas

(See: Kayak Calendar & Trip Dates)

What Trip Should You Go on?

We usually run three guided kayak groups each week: Class II-III, Class III-V and Class IV-V. Upon arrival at the Tres Monjas kayak camp all kayakers will paddle a moderate stretch of whitewater to get an introduction to the Futaleufu river. This initial paddle will help determine what group each kayaker will paddle in during the rest of the week. The idea is to allow each paddler to find their own comfort zone on the Futaleufu. At any time throughout the week there will be ample opportunity for paddlers to move to a group of higher or lower skill level. This system allows all kayakers to dine, camp, relax and recreate together during the week while paddling whitewater that best suits their ability level. When determining what trip to sign up for kayakers should select the group that they feel they "best belong to" and then make adjustments once they arrive. All of our weeks start out paddling the easier stretches of the Futaleufu first and working up to the harder stretches by the end of the week. See our trip philosophy page for more information.

Kayakers will also have the opportunity try numerous kayaks at our kayak camp. It is fairly common for paddlers to begin the week in smaller playboats and then migrate to larger volume river runners as they begin to paddle more difficult water. We have over 50 kayaks in our quiver to choose from.

For our Safari Trips kayakers will need to more certain of their skill level as the runs are more pre-selected. If a kayaker wants to go on a Safari Trip but is unsure of their skill level they should call our office and discuss the trip and options. Also, on the Safari Trips kayakers will not have the opportunity to change boats until they arrive at the Futaleufu. Therefore, ayakers going on a Safari Trip should also give more consideration to the boat they want to paddle.

We are often asked about “creeking options” on our trips. This area of Chile has some breathtaking world class creek runs that we will often take our guests down when water levels are right. Generally we reserve these opportunities for very confident class IV-V paddlers because of the skill level needed, remoteness, and the hazards involved. One of our favorite runs is the class IV-V Rio Michamuida: a multiday run off the side of a snow capped extinct volcano. The whitewater and scenery are spectacular. From time to time we also do “first descents” on creeks in our area for guests who want that kind of adventure. There are still plenty of runs down here that have never been kayaked. Kayakers interested in any of these "creeking options" give our office a call.

Brief Trip descriptions

Fuy-Futa Safari
(Full Description: Kayak Safari )
Our Premier two-week trip travels through southern Chile taking you to two of its best rivers, the Fuy and the Futaleufú plus several other play rivers along the way. These trips are designed for those boaters who live to paddle as much as possible and the most variety on their precious vacation days. This distilled experience gets you to the best water quickly, allowing you to enjoy the steep drops of the Río Fuy, the big surfs of the Rio San Pedro, and the breath-taking scenery of the Lake District before boarding a flight south to Rio Futaleufú. At our base camp, ClubFuta at Campo Tres Monjas, you will have opportunities to explore the Rio Futaleufú, Rio Espolón, and the Río Azul.

Futa Weeks (Full Description: Futaleufu Kayaking )
Direct to the Futaleufú and nearby rivers from our Campo Tres Monjas eco-camp: we return to our camp each evening. Spend your days shredding the play spots and rejoicing in world-class big water river running. Enjoy your evenings relaxing with a cool drink while catching the sunset from one of our white sandy beaches. Nearby, the Río Azul and Río Espolón are Class 2/4 tributaries offering something for every river enthusiast. With in two hours are other rivers in the area that we paddle.

Available Level & Classes
Class 2/3
Class 3/4
Class 4/4+/optional 5

FutaSquad: Custom Futaleufu Week
This trip is a "commando squad" of like-minded or equally skilled paddlers. For those looking for a smaller group, more control of their trip with a core group of paddling partners. Our Guides, driver, cooks, ClubFuta and our Lodge are available for your comfort and enjoyment, as your small group chooses from all or our resources.

Paddle Across Chile: Andes to the Ocean (Full Description: Sea Kayaking)
First week a FutaWeek your second week paddling from the Andes to the Ocean.
Be one of the proud and few that has paddled across the entire country of Chile. Sea kayaking or equivalent experience required. Two participants minimum for trip to go. Although your trip will be unguided, please reference to the Andes to the Ocean guided day-by-day description to get an idea of what this trip entails.

Season Pass
Do you really want to improve your paddling? Paddle the entire month with us. After paddling on this type of water for that long, your friends will not recognize you when you return to the States. By far much cheaper than traveling on your own this is a great option if you have a month at your disposal. Enjoy your entire time at Campo Tres Monjas.


Expediciones Chile
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Europe Phone/fax: 44.20.8181.6266

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