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Patagonia Trekking:
Torres del Paine - FitzRoy/Los Glaciares Combination

This trip combines two of our most in demand Patagonia trekking vacations in two countries, Argentina and Chile! Trekking in Chile's Torres del Paine National Park, gives you spectacular views of the famous El Paine Massif and trekking in Patagonia, Argentina's Los Glaciares National Park deliver's the best of the Perito Moreno Glacier and the Cerro FitzRoy.

Slide Show, Interactive Map, Video, 3-D Trip Tour

Day by Day:

Day 1 Monday J16: Arrival and Introductions
Arrive in Punta Arenas where our representative will be there to greet you. After getting our group together, we drive to Puerto Natales (256km/160mi), the gateway to trekking in Torres del Paine National Park. After a short layover, giving you time to stretch your legs and wander around town, we jump back on our transfer and continue the last leg (115km/72mi) of our trip to Torres del Paine National Park. Another short stopover at Milodón Cave will be available, with a tour of the area and an opportunity to stretch your legs in this fascinating cave system. Your arrival to the Paine Eco Camp is met with a hearty feast that will get you ready for this week Chile trekking activities.

Day 2 Tuesday J17: Trekking - Los Cuernos Trail
Our first Patagonia trekking day includes a short trek from Estancia Las Torres, and the Eco Camp, to the undulated Los Cuernos Trail (12km/8mi). This trek is the introduction to the trekking in Torres del Paine National Park, with an explanation of the region, common sights and wildlife to keep a look out for. At the end of the day, we will be reaching the Refugio Los Cuernos for our overnight stay at this remote Bed & Breakfast.

Day 3 Wednesday J18: Trekking - Mirador del Frances
The day starts with a trek (1 hr) over flat terrain to our Campamento Italiano and the wild Río Francés. This will be our starting point for our round trip trek to Mirador del Francés (1-3 hrs), offering a magnificent broad view of the lakes and valley below. We later descend 8 Km/5 miles (2-4 hrs) down to Refugio Pehoe at the turquoise Pehoe Lake. Our lodging this night will be our small mountainside inn, with an incredible view of the Pehoe Lake below and the spectacular stars above.

Day 4 Thursday J19: Trekking - Grey Glacier
Grey Glacier is our Patagonia trekking destination today, with a trek (4 hrs) that will leads us to the northern shore of Grey Lake. Our boat will be waiting to cross the lake, an hour trip, giving us ample time to marvel at this calving glacier while sailing alongside. Our return is met by our transport vehicle that will return us to our Eco Camp, offering beautiful views of the park and the numerous guanaco herds that graze within this sanctuary. Our return is met by another great feast, and an explanation of the upcoming two days of trekking, which are dependent on weather.

Day 5 Friday J20: Trekking - El Paine Massif
The best weather conditions define our choice, but ideally the choice will be the demanding trek (10km/6.3mi) to the foot of the impressive El Paine granite massif. Admire the striking sight of the gigantic granite monoliths (2,900m/9,400ft) and the unspoiled land around. This day will define trekking in Patagonia. Return to our Eco Camp, light-footed and joy-filled at this magnificent day, to enjoy the comforts of our luxurious camp and all its amenities. This is trekking Chile at its best!

Day 6 Saturday J21: Trekking - Paso Las Cornizas
The best weather conditions define our choice, but ideally the choice will be the trek to the Mirador Laguna Azul (40 min) and then to the eastern side of Sarmiento Lake, a good spot to observe renown guanaco. Later we trek (3 hrs) to the Paso Las Cornizas with an unmatchable view of the Paine River, Pehoe Lake, and the Paine massif (2-3 hrs). Our last dinner at the Eco Camp is celebrated with a the cultural Patagonian lamb barbecue, wine glasses raised to celebrate this fabulous Patagonia trekking week.

Day 7 Sunday J22: Travel to Chalten - The Adventure Continues
Starting from our Eco Camp, we drive onwards to the Cerro Castillo border crossing where we meet the regular bus to El Calafate in Argentina (287 kms/180 miles). If there are other travel fellows starting from Calafate we will meet them in town. After some hours on the bus, we arrive to Calafate, where a local guide meet us and give us a general explanation about the trip while we have lunch; after this we have a couple of hours to explore the down town. From the bus terminal we embark on about a 4 hour regular bus ride to Chalten, the drive is on isolated dirt roads across the pampas and along the northern end of Lago Viedma. Chalten is a tiny outpost beside the National Park at the foot of impressive Mount Fitzroy. Once we've checked in at the hotel, its time to get a well-deserved rest, which will be needed for the next couple of days!

Day 8 Monday J23: Trekking - Laguna Torre
We do a full day hike along Cerro Torre Trail to Laguna Torre, an extremely pretty mountain lake with majestic Mount Torre in the background. After breakfast, we walk eastward, following the trail through beech forests and bogs to a pleasant encounter with Fitroy River. We continue advancing and reach Camp Base de Agostini and then do a short hike to Laguna Torre, escorted in the west by Cerro Torre and the Adela range. Icebergs can be seen peacefully floating on Laguna Torre as the wind pushes them to the coast. We stop at different points to take in the magnificent view and enjoy a picnic. Later, we return to Chalten following the same trail. There is an optional day trip for those wanting to trek on Torre Glacier. Those taking this exciting option get up earlier and do it apart from the main group. Upon returning from the trek, the evening is free for you to enjoy a delicious dinner at one of Chalten's cozy restaurants.

Day 9 Tuesday J24: Monte Fitzroy, Mountain of Mountains
Today's trek is to Laguna Los Tres with the best available view of Monte Fitzroy - THE landmark in Los Glaciares NP! Once again, a big breakfast and lots of enthusiasm is required. We begin our hike by heading towards silent Laguna Capri, passing just beside its northern corner. Then we follow the Fitz Roy Trail up to Rio Blanco, passing Poicenot, the mountaineering camp. Finally, a short but steep trail will take us to Laguna de Los Tres to take in one of the park's most marvelous natural scenes! The turquoise-blue of the Lagoon is a stunning sight and this is of course is magnified by the accompanying view of Fitz Roy's spires and glaciers. You will probably experience a Torres del Paine flashback. If Torres del Paine is the king mountain of Patagonia, Fitz Roy is surely the beautiful queen! Time for a picnic. In such a memorable place the food can not help but taste better than ever! When everyone is ready, we will hike back to Laguna Capri and continue along the trail back to tiny Chalten. We return with time to recover and enjoy our last night in this beautiful park.

Day 10 Wednesday J25: Last day in Chalten
This morning we will trek to Loma del Pliegue Tumbado and we will have covered the best spots of the Park. After some hours of challenging trek we will reach the western bank of the Massif with superb views of Cerro Torre and the picks around Mount Fitzroy. We come back to Chalten in the afternoon to sadly prepare our luggage and start our way back to Calafate. We are transferred to the terminal and board the regular bus back to Calafate, following the same road filled with Argentinean pampas that welcomed us some days ago. We will arrive in Calafate late at night with little time to have dinner. Nevertheless we will probably be exhausted after today's adventure and will go straight to bed!

Day 11 Thursday J26: Trekking - Perito Moreno Glacier
Once we finish enjoying an early breakfast we board the minibus and start the drive that will takes us to Perito Moreno Glacier. After a couple of hours we will reach Los Glaciares NP and continue driving to Bajo de las Sombras Bay sector, where we board the boat that will sail approximately twenty minutes on Lago Rico reaching the south wall of the glacier. In the other side the guides give us a short talk about the formation of glaciers together with other interesting details about local geology. From this point we do a short walk to the edge of the glacier where we are given the crampons to be fitted to our shoes. Now we start the ice trekking adventure! Although we feel somehow strange walking with the crampons, it will take us just a few minutes to get used to it. As we walk ahead we face terrific views of the glacier and surroundings. Our trek finishes with a little ice bar serving whisky on freshly shopped millenary ice from the glacier, a cute touch. After the walk and having lunch we continue on to the footbridges with multiple view points of the glacier's superb north wall with its incredible cracking walls. Here we are left free to enjoy the surroundings at our own leisure. After the thrilling encounter with the glacier, we drive back to Calafate. This is our final night together and the tour leader will ask us for feedback on the trip. It's time to review our personal notes, socialize, look for a great farewell dinner and exchange contact info with new friends. After celebrating our last night we return to the hotel for a sweet overnight.

Day 12 Friday J27: Departure
Today we finish this memorable trip, as you catch a final view of this magnificent place in the world. Take a moment to reflect upon all of the amazing sights and experiences of the past two weeks. After all these years we are still stunned that views like these exist. After having breakfast, a transfer will take us to the airport and you are free to continue traveling on your own or taking another extension with Expediciones Chile. (Only breakfast included)


Torres del Paine Trekking Eco Camp

Price per Person: $4295.00 USD

Special Flexibilities: Exchile will be flexible to make your trip a total success. The actual program for your custom trip will vary according to the desires and skill level of your group, weather, or other factors. Patagonia has constantly changing weather patterns that might affect what day is best for a certain activity. If a certain part of your trip is not possible due to danger risks and weather extremes, our experienced guide staff will work with you to figure out the best possible option to substitute for the weather complications. If you have any concerns, please feel free to ask us more about the situations and what is guaranteed on the trip.

Included:3 stars hotels: 3 nights in El Chalten, 2 nights in Calafate City, all transportation as indicated in the itinerary, park fees, 1 bilingual escorting guide during Chalten excursions, 1 bilingual escorting guide during Perito Moreno ice-trekking excursion, crampons during Perito Moreno ice-trekking excursion.
Meals Included:
day 1: L, D
day 2: B, BL, D
day 3: B, BL, D
day 4: B, BL, D
day 5: B, BL, D
day 6: B, BL, D
day 7: B, BL
day 8: B, BL
day 9: B, BL
day 10: B, BL
day 11: B, BL
day 12: B
B: breakfast, BL: box lunch, D: dinner.

Not Included: Single room supplement in Calafate and Chalten, transfer between Torres and Calafate, flight tickets, insurance (it is mandatory you purchase appropriate insurance for this trip), voluntary tipping to guides and staff, items of personal nature, optional finish in Punta Arenas, optional ice trekking in Glacier Torre.

Season: October through April
Season Shoulder: October 5th to October 26th and March 15th to April 10th
Experience Needed: Physically Fit
Physical Challenge: Demanding
Cultural Experience: Medium
Nature Experience: High
Comfort Rating: High
Max Trip Size: 14
Min Trip Size: 2
Region Visited: Northern and Southern Patagonia in Chile and Argentina
Lakes, Rivers, Sites Visited: Torres del Paine, Mt. FitzRoy, Perito Moreno Glacier
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Direct Line, USA:
+1.208.629.5032 (7am/5 pm mst)
Toll Free, USA:
+1.888.488.9082 (7am/5 pm mst)
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