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Kayak Chile: Patagonia Custom Kayak Trips

Expediciones Chile brings you to the best whitewater in Patagonia, Chile and Argentina. Our Argentina kayaking and Chile kayaking custom trips can bring you to the frontiers of whitewater paddling in these two spectacular countries. Experience some of the greatest whitewater in South America with our Patagonia custom trips! Organize your club or group.

(1 min 22 sec)
(1 min 21 sec)
(77 sec)
(2 min 11 sec)
(31 sec)

Our Guided Custom Trips:

Two Weeks of Chile Rivers: Futaleufu week + Pucon Week
Kayak the Futaleufu River System, the Rio Espolon, Rio Azul, and Rio Futaleufu based out of Campo Tres Monjas on the Futaleufu. One full day of travel and you will be in Pucon at the Kayak Hostel. The next day you can start paddling the rivers in this area. The Rio Trancura, Rio Liucura, Palguin and Rio Fuy. Call our office.

(Minimum group size 4)

Futaleufu week + two days on the Rio Manso in Bariloche
Kayak the Futaleufu River System, the Rio Espolon, Rio Azul, and Rio Futaleufu based out of Campo Tres Monjas on the Futaleufu. One full day of travel and you will be at your hotel in Bariloche. Your Kayak Base for the next two days of kayaking on the Rio Manso. Call our office.

(Minimum group size 4)

Rio Puelo International Crossing of the Andes from Argentina to the Pacific
Class I-II-III-IV, and V
The lakes, rivers and fjords of the Puelo drainage start in Parque Nacional Lago Puelo near El Bolsón, Argentina. After crossing the first two lakes you will cross the remote roadless border with Chile. A class II river drains the lakes and within six kilometers it is pinched through a narrow spectacular Class IV-V Canyon. Another six kilometers and we enter a tamer class III-IV canyon called “El Porton”. From the from the finish of El Porton, one can paddle sea kayaks through the lakes and Class II-III minus whitewater to the ocean. Parque Nacional Pumalin is on river left. This is one of the most beautiful sections of the Andes. The accomplishment of a complete water crossing of the Andes and the country of Chile.

(6 days)
(Minimum group size 8)

Threatened Rivers of Patagonia:

Río Fuy - Choshuenco Chile

Flowing into Lago Panguipulli, this river is one of the best steep runs in Chile. This crystal-clear river tumbles down the Andean hillsides in a series of pool-drop rapids, including five impressive waterfalls. There are also several world-class Class III play sections along the way. This river is a steep creekers paradise overlooked by the snowcapped Choshuenco Volcano.

During the days of paddling, we select the appropriate section for your trip, usually starting with the easiest sections and climaxing to the most challenging. The shuttles are very short, giving us plenty of time for post-paddling activities such as horseback riding, guided dory trips, trout fishing or relaxing at the beach. The base camp for the Río Fuy is the town of Choshuenco, population 1000. We stay in a small inn and dine on hearty Chilean food. This modest, friendly village is located on the volcanic, black sandy beaches of Lago Panguipulli.

Section One:
Lago Pirehueico to Las Leonas Falls

This action-packed Class IV run of the Upper Fuy begins on the tranquil waters of Lago Pirihueico. In a lush tropical setting with dense trees and overhanging vines, the river falls away from the lake with pool-drop rapids continuous enough to keep you on your toes. There is a small play hole about halfway down the run and several surf waves just upstream of Las Leonas Falls which marks the end of Section One. There you may opt to take out, leaving the waterfalls and Class IV stretch of Section Two for another time... or continue on downstream.

Section Two: The Falls of the Upper Fuy

With five impressive drops, Section Two is the steep creeker’s paradise stretching from Las Leonas Falls to where the river meets the road. This Class IV+ kayak run begins in a small pool just above Las Leonas Falls - a 10 meter drop - that can be run or portaged. Immediately below the plunge there is another 3 - meter drop followed by two kilometers of assorted falls and steep slides. This is an adrenaline-charged section of whitewater.

Section X:

Beneath Section Two there is a few kilometers of flatwater. Then the rapids pick up into an unrunnable section that leads into the overwhelming spectacular Huilo Huilo Falls, a 35-meter drop into a clean deep pool. This unrunnable drop is in a stunning fern and forested setting with good access to views and a great swim in the pool below. For the next few kilometers there are numerous unrunnable falls over 10 meters in height before the river mellows out into Section Three.

Section Three: Put-in to First bridge

The Middle Fuy, a Class IV section, starts off with a bang. The put-in is within sight of the most difficult drop of this section, a 3-meter ledge drop right into another rapid. The remainder of the run takes us through a boulder-strewn river bed with countless eddies to catch and holes to surf. With Class IV/V kayakers this section will usually be run in conjunction with Section Four.

Section Four: Concrete bridge to the Wooden bridge

The Lower Fuy – a Class III+ section at certain levels, is a playboaters/paddlers paradise. It begins at an awesome play spot and then runs downstream through a boulder garden with countless eddies and surf waves.

Section Five: Wooden Bridge to Lake

The Lower Fuy, a less intense Class II/III section, takes us on the last leg of the Rio Fuy’s journey from Lago Pirihueico to Lago Panguipulli. The river widens as the gradient levels off offering amazing views of the surrounding volcanoes. This is the perfect warm-up run for the Class III and IV sections of the Fuy. There are plenty of places to practice surfing, ferries, eddy catching and combat rolls. At the confluence with the lake we will paddle the short distance back to the sandy beach near our inn.

Río San Pedro - Chile

It is a fun-filled and action-packed Class III/IV big water run with numerous play waves and a retentive play hole. The water is warm and crystal clear, enabling you to carefully inspect the unique lava flows. The river is only a few feet deep in certain places, in others the bottom disappears out of sight. The base camp for the Rio San Pedro is a small hotel in the town of Panguipulli, with a population of around 10,000 locals, this charming village is famous for its Festival of Roses and its beachside setting. It is just big enough to have an authentic Chilean night life.

Río Enco - Chile

This Class II/III river flows between two beautiful lakes, a few kilometers paddle across the open lake from our hotel in Choshuenco. Although the water is big, the routes are clearly defined and fun to paddle. There are plenty of good play spots. We usually incorporate the Rio Enco in trips with Class III/IV paddlers.

Río Neltume - Chile

Flowing from the warm and clear Lago Neltume, this Class II/III river is a short tributary of the Rio Fuy. With a shallow shore put-in, it is ideal for working on our rolls and tuning up our forward strokes before the two kilometer long Neltume. This section of rapids is drop/pool, which does require some precise maneuvering and technical paddling.

Río Manso - Bariloche, Argentina

Born in the huge glaciers of the Tronador Volcano in the Argentinean national park of Nahuel Huapi, the Río Manso flows into several large clear remote lakes heading towards Chile, where it eventually joins the Rio Puelo. The three sections of the Manso offer Argentina's best whitewater. One of these sections is always optimum for running no matter what the skill of the group.

San Carlos de Bariloche is the gateway to the Rio Manso. Bariloche is a rather large Patagonian city, most known for its ski area and the stone-cathedral: the Aspen of Argentina.

Section 1: (Class III+)

The upper play stretch, Manso Medio, has 6 kms of fun rapids, surfing waves and fun holes. There is at least one big drop that will get your attention. This stretch can be done in a full day or in a half day.

Section 2: ( Class IV/V)

La Cascada is 23 kms of very steep, a small river with numerous spectacular runnable drops and even more spectacular unrunnable falls. This section is a remote run along the heavily forested border of Nahuel Huapi National Park—totally inaccessible except by river or air. You will be in a section of earth most humans have never seen. After being challenged all day in a tight canyon environment, our day ends dramatically as the river eases in difficulty and flows into the open and peaceful Lago Steffen surrounded by high Andean mountains. This requires an hour of paddling across the lake to our waiting vehicle. Our lodge for this section is a rustic log ‘hospedaje’ at the put-in.

Section 3: (Class III/IV)

Manso a la Frontera” is a great run for Class III/IV paddlers. This remote frontier section is a 15-km stretch of the Rio Manso, bordering the Nahuel Huapi National Park until it meets the border of Chile. This day we paddle a small, narrow and intimate canyon with strange but beautiful rock formations. Challenged and awed, we ride the Manso till we meet the border of Chile. Here we load our kayaks on horses and hike out to an Argentinean Estancia. Our Argentinean-Swiss Hosts will prepare our dinner as we prepare for a good night's sleep in our tents under the stars. We drive 3.5 hours through the Patagonia steppe south towards Esquel

Rivers of Pucon,Chile:

Rio Trancura: Upper

Class: III, IV & V

Rio Trancura: Lower
Class: II, III and III+

Rio Trancura: Delta to Lago Villarrica
Class: II – II+

Rio Liucura: Bridge to Wave
Class: II – III

Rio Liucura: Wave to Lower Rio Trancura Bridge
Class: II – III

Rio Liucura: Play Wave
Class: II+

Upper Palguin
Class: III – IV

Rio Maichin: Lower Canyon
Class: II – III

Upper Palguin
Class: III – IV

Rio Puelo Expedition Map
Argentina - Chile


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