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Patagonia Kayak Safari Chile & Argentina Fuy-Futaleufu Kayak Safari Southern Patagonia Kayak Safari Argentina Week of Rivers Kayak Safari
Whitewater Kayaking in Argentina and Chile:

Patagonia International Kayak Safari - Argentina & Chile

The two-week Patagonia Kayak Safari Circuit travels to several exhilarating rivers throughout Chilean and Argentine Patagonia. Kayakers will tour the big water of the exciting Rio Manso, Rio San Pedro and the Rio Fuy. Rio Enco and Neltume are also available for those in search of a more intermediate-level challenge. This safari is not just about paddling. We will experience everything from life in remote Andean villages to the cultural nightlife in San Carlos de Bariloche. The trip will climax with a week on the infamous whitewater of the Rio Futaleufu. Separate groups of Class IV/V, Class III/IV and Class II/III.

Patagonia Safari 2006 Patagonia Safari 2006
Day by Day:

Class IV-V Group

Class III-IV Group

Day 1 Saturday: Depart your home town
Fly to Miami and connect on an over night flight to Santiago, Chile. Welcome to the warmth of the Southern Hemisphere in summer.

Day 2 Sunday: Arrival and Introduction
You will arrive early in the morning to Santiago, Chile. You will be required to first clear customs and then switch terminals for your domestic flight to Valdivia, Chile. The trip will begin early in the afternoon at the Valdivia airport. The Expediciones Chile staff will be there to receive you. From Valdivia, it is a two-hour drive to the small village of Panguipulli, known as "The Village of Roses," on the shores of Lago Panguipulli. We will stay at a quaint, lakeside lodge providing awe-inspiring vistas. There will be time to rest or to outfit your kayak for your adventure ahead.

Day 3 Monday: Rio San Pedro
On your first day, you will get your first taste of Chilean whitewater. It is beautiful and BIG but straight forward, Class III/III+. We will drive outside Panguipulli and put in at the Rio San Pedro. We will paddle its warm clear waters, equipped with numerous play waves and holes. Lunch will be set up by the side of the river - a typical paddlers river lunch, with Chilean flavor. Kayakers are free to play to their hearts content on one of the best play holes in Chile.
After the run, we will drive two hours on a winding gravel road to the remote lakeside town of Choshuenco. The village takes its name from the volcanic snow-capped peak overlooking Lago Panguipulli. Our cabanas have a view of the sandy beach and the sparkling warm lake. Dinner is served on the porch, overlooking the stunning area.

Patagonia Safari 1993 Patagonia Safari 1993

Day 4 Tuesday: Rio Fuy
The Rio Fuy is generally narrower and steeper but has an easier class II/III section also. Our put-in is at the bridge above the Lower Rio Fuy or on the Rio Neltume. This Class III- IV section starts off with whitewater action. The most difficult rapid is within 500 meters, a 3-meter ramp followed immediately by more rapids that eventually ease in intensity. After lunch, as we paddle to Lago Panguipulli Class II/III, you will find yourself in a scenic river valley overlooked by the dramatic Volcano Choshuenco. The river swirls into Lago Panguipulli. From there it is only a short paddle across the placid lake back to our sandy beach and cabanas. Just in time for a Chilean cocktail.

Day 5 Wednesday: The Upper Rio Fuy
This action-packed day has the perfect blend of turquoise water, lush exotic trees, and steep challenging drops. This is vertical kayaking at its best! After 8 action-packed kilometers, we will stop and scout the 10-meter Las Leonas Falls, to see if the water levels are right for the drop. You will always have the option to portage sections of the river that you are not comfortable with. However, we often find that with the direction and support of our guides, our kayakers push themselves to do more difficult feats than they are used to, leading to improved confidence and ability throughout the trip. If you are up for the challenge you could possibly return home a photo of yourself running a spectacular 30-foot fall into a deep clear pool. We will then return to our cabins for dinner and time on the beach.

Day 6 Thursday: The Upper Rio Fuy and La Leona Falls
We will return to the Upper Rio Fuy for a second adventure. We hope that everyone will feel more comfortable on the second run and look forward to the optional Las Leonas Falls section. This is perhaps the most impressive steep whitewater in all of Chile or Argentina and is backed up with optional true Class V vertical section.. We will then return to dinner overlooking the beach. For paddlers who want less of a challenge, we can break the group into two groups and head to the Rio Enco or do a less demanding stretch of the Rio Fuy.

Day 7 Friday: Crossing the Andes
We will depart our quiet village and take a remote ferry across Lake Fuy, which is high in the Andes and surrounded by lush forest. Afterward, our drive will take us between two environmental extremes. After getting our passports stamped, we will drive from the mountains in Chile to San Martin de los Andes in Argentina. Here we will grab groceries and drive through the Nahuel Haupi National Park beside seven breathtaking lakes. We will serve lunch on our scenic drive through the park. We will then arrive into cultural Bariloche, Argentina early enough for everyone to enjoy a night on the town. The energetic city of Bariloche sparkles beside the giant lake of Nahuel Haupi. This night will be a special opportunity to enjoy a meal and evening out on your own. Explore the city and select from many incredible restaurants that feature the best in Argentine steak, fondue and wine. Allocate $30.00 USD for an exquisite meal and wine and another $25.00 USD for drinks and nightlife after your meal. Experience infamous Argentine culture.

Day 8 Saturday: Argentina Kayaking: Rio Manso & National Park Nahuel Huapi
After breakfast, we will drive south alongside beautiful crystalline bodies of water. It will then be time to paddle the stunning frontier section of the Río Manso, a narrow gorge with carpeted rock formations. The walls are covered with a dense moss hence the name "The Shaggy Carpet Canyon". The run is Class III-IV with plenty of opportunities to surf, frolic, play and see ancient Alerce trees, before we reach the border of Chile. A remote border crossing here. You can straddle the international boundary with a foot in each country. Now we take a evening sunset drive into the desert caused by the rain shadow of the massive Andes near Futaleufu. By nightfall we arrive at a remote farm house converted into a bed and breakfast situated in Argentina just a few miles from the Futaleufu River and the border with Chile. Our Argentine hosts will be waiting with a full on Asado prepared just for us. The stars are nothing short of spectacular.

Day 9 Sunday: Arrival Futaleufu and Las Escalas to the Campo
We will cross the border of Chile first thing in the morning and head to Futaleufu to start yet another adventurous week of paddling. Class II-III paddlers will follow the Kayak Chile Week Itinerary. Class III-IV paddlers will follow the Futaleufu River Valley itinerary. Once we arrive we drive put in direct on the Futaleufu Las Escalas valley, paddling right to our camp. After 5 miles of Class 2 we head into the "Wild Mile Section" which is four miles of continuous Class 4 whitewater action, which will takes us right back to our tents and dry clothes at camp. If one is class 1/2 we put in on the rio Espolon.

Day 10 Monday: El Corazón - Heart of the Futaleufu
Monday is filled with the big exploding waves for which the Futaleufu is world-famous. We put in at the "Zapata's" Swinging Bridge and run the "Corazón" – the Heart of the Futaleufu - also named the "Bridge-to-Bridge" section. Here you will find plenty of Class IV big-water action, including "Entrada", "Pillow", and "Mundaca," one of the largest breaking wave holes in the world. This nonstop Class IV section will keep your adrenaline pumping and the evening air filled with good cheer.

Day 11 Tuesday: El Corazón, Más o Menos & Casa de Piedra
Like the previous day, we will put in at the swinging bridge at "Zapata," but we will pass the Futaleufu Bridge take out and continue on to the Class IV+ "Más o Menos", and the technical Class V "Casa de Piedra". Finally the river eases off for the beautiful and playful Class III "El Macal" section. After a big day on the river, you will be ready to slip into the wood-heated sauna and ease your tired muscles. Our camp masseuse will be available to massage your tight and aching muscles.

Day 12 Wednesday: A La Carte Kayaking - Repeat & Play More! or Kayak the Río Azul
Take your pick! You can either return to "Pillow Rock" and "Terminator Wave" for some surfing and flat spinning. Or you can go back to the exploding chaos of "Mundaca". Perhaps you will want a day off of the water and will be ready for a hike up to Tres Monjas or a horseback ride to the Upper Futaleufu. You may even choose a day lounging on the beach and reading a book. This day is yours to enjoy!

Day 13 Thursday: Upper Futaleufu & Infierno Canyon
For an exciting finale, we head to the remote and spectacular upper section of the Futaleufu. Those paddlers who are ready for the committing Class V Infierno gorge will put in above the canyon just outside of the town of Futaleufu or on the Río Espolón. Others will take a spectacular shuttle drive and enter the river below the gorge. This visually spectacular section of river includes the Class V rapids of "Dynamite" and "Throne Room", which will test even the strongest of kayakers. After the canyon, head into the "Wild Mile Section" which is four miles of continuous whitewater action, which will takes us right back to our tents and dry clothes at camp. After a full day on the river, you can begin to pack up, and enjoy a farewell barbeque and fiesta arranged by our chef, specialized in international cuisine.

Day 14 Friday: The Terminator section. (section feature in the Adverturist series video)/ on to Trevelin
Terminator Section You wake to the brilliance of life along the shores of the Futaleufu River, with the jagged Three Nuns (Tres Monjas) peaks standing sentinel over the river and camp. After a delicious breakfast, you outfit your kayak and put-in at our beach for your first taste of the big water of the Futaleufu, the "Terminator" section. You will have the opportunity to warm up on numerous Class III rapids, and then have the option of walking, sneaking (IV+), or running the huge and impressive Class V "Terminator" rapid. From the Terminator, we will continue downstream on the Futaleufu to the Class IV "Khyber Pass", and on to some giant wave action in the Class IV "Himalayas". Here you will surf some of the biggest standing waves in the hemisphere! We will return to camp to relax in the hot sauna or on the naturally formed white sand beach..Our vehicles will be waiting as we make our way toward the border on our way to Trevelin after changing into dry clothes. Check into your hotel, take a shower and change clothes before enjoying your last night in Patagonia. There are a handful of outstanding and reasonably priced restaurants in Trevelin that we can recommend. Relax, recover and look back on the exciting week of rafting before heading back the following morning.

Day 15 Saturday: Return to Capital City
Depending on your connections you are now are in Argentina ready for an early departure in a cab from you hotel to the bus station in Esquel for the trip to Bariloche and your flight back to Beunos Aires. A private transfer can be arranaged direct from your hotel to the airport in Bariloche. If you have a flight from Esquel you have a little more time in the morning to enjoy and buy gifts in Trevelin before your flight to Buenos Aires and the connection back to your home country.

Day 16 Sunday: Return to Home Country


Eco Camp Campo Tres Monjas

Town Bed and Breakfast

Price per Person: $3995.00 USD

Special Flexibilities: Exchile will be flexible to make your trip a total success. The actual program for your custom trip mayl vary according to the desires and skill level of your group, weather, or other factors. Patagonia has constantly changing weather patterns that might affect what day is best for a certain activity. If a certain part of your trip is not possible due to danger risks and weather extremes, our experienced guide staff will work with you to figure out the best possible option to substitute for the weather complications. If you have any concerns, please feel free to ask us more about the situations and what is guaranteed on the trip.

Included: Your described trip, guiding, instruction, activity equipment, local transportation, shuttles, all meals, wine with dinner, accommodations at our eco-camps, cabins, ranches or lodges, from your trip pick up point to your trip drop off point. See the packing list of your activity, for the specific clothing that is required.

Not Included: En-route transportation, lodging, and food from your home town to the border with Chile and Argentina or other trip pick-up point. Laundry services, massage, additional alcohol are available but not included. You can reserve on our web page a pre-trip and post-trip hotel in Trevelin that includes the shared transfer to and from the border.

You can also ask our travel agent to prepay private ground transports between airport and from the airport to Trevelin, for an additional charge. Expediciones Chile is not financially responsible for your travel complications getting to your trip pick up point and from the drop off point, HOWEVER, we will be relentless allies in offering our services to help solve any issues that you may encounter.

Season: January
Experience Needed: None
Physical Challenge: Moderate
Cultural Experience: Maximum (two countries)
Nature Experience: Maximum
Comfort Rating: Medium High
Max Trip Size: 16
Min Trip Size: 4
Region: Corridor of Andean Lakes. Complete cirucuit of Northern Patagonia Chile and Argentina.
Lakes, Rivers, Sites Visited: Rio San Pedro, Ruy Fuy, Rio Enco, Rio Manso, Bariloche, San Martin de Los Andes, Trevelin, Futaleufu, Rio Azul.
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