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Whitewater Guide School:
Why go with Expediciones Chile?

Years of Experience:
Our Instructors have years experience teaching kayak instruction following up-to-date ACA Standards, giving you updated instruction methods.

Ultimate Kayak Camp:
Enjoy our completely private, secluded Tres Monjas Patagonia Eco-Camp that has been designed specifically for the whitewater guide.

Cultural Interaction:
Experience the genuine culture of Chilean Patagonia from this spectacularly situated alpine village – a true cultural immersion experience awaits you. Imagine Telluride Colorado one hundred years ago!

Professional Instructors:
Most of our instructors are over trained for the positions they hold with us, but they keep coming back year after year to work in this spectacular location. Read more about them on our Guide Instructor’s page.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who are your Swiftwater Rescue Classes designed for?
Our classes are designed for Firemen, Law Enforcement Personnel, Search & Rescue Professional and Aspiring River Guides.

I need to re-certify in Swiftwater Rescue. Will your course count?
Yes, our swiftwater rescue course will serve to re-certify you as well as give you new skills.

I am a search and rescue professional that has no desire to learn how to be a raft guide. Can I still take the Swiftwater Rescue Class?
Yes! We will customize your itinerary so that you can do the multisport activity of your choice while the rest of the group is out rafting.

Do you offer Rescue 3 Swiftwater Rescue Training WRT- Level 2?
Our instructional staff is capable of offering this course but we do not have it formally scheduled. If you have a group that is interested in Swiftwater Rescue WRT - Level 2 please contact our office for a custom itinerary.

I want to be a river guide on the Futaleufu. Will your River Guide School guarantee me a job with a company on the Futaleufu?
Unfortunately not, but many of our graduates have gone on to become guides on the Futaleufu. Guide jobs on the Futaleufu are coveted positions in the industry and not many slots are available. Getting a guide job on the Futaleufu requires the right skills and the right timing. However, we encourage all of our guide school graduates to apply to Expediciones Chile for a position the following year. Graduates of our guide school are given preference over candidates who have not attended.

Will your river guide school give me the skills required to raft guide on the Futaleufu?
Not necessarily. Some people pick up boat piloting and captaining very easily and others have to struggle to gain the expertise. The Futaleufu is one of the most difficult commercially run rivers in the world - even seasoned raft guides from other rivers are apt to have difficulty on it. Plan on doing a year's intership on the Futaleufu before becoming a raft guide - this is the more likely progression.

How do you pronounce Expediciones Chile? and Futaleufu?
The correct pronunciation is: "Ex-ped-ish-she-oh-nays". "Expediciones" is the Spanish version of the English word "Expeditions". In North America we are inclined pronounce "Chile" the the same way we pronounce "Chili" but the correct pronunciation is "She-lay". Futaleufu is pronounced: "Foo-tah-lay-oh-foo". Futaleufu is a Mapuche indian word meaning Big Big River - the two "fu"s, one at the beginning and one at the end, connote this meaning.

Contact Expediciones Chile

Patagonia Adventure Travel Trips
Patagonia Adventure Travel, Chile Rafting & Argentina KayakSafaris Torres del Paine trekking and FitzRoy trekking vacations.

Patagonia Travel
Patagonia travel information, Patagonia Tour Guidebooks and Maps of Patagonia . Info about Chaiten, Puerto Montt, Bariloche and Esquel.

Chile River Rafting on the Futaleufu
Chile river rafting in Chile. Rafting from our weatherproof Futaleufu lodge or our Rio Futaleufu eco camp.
Weather in Patagonia
Information about weather in Patagonia, climate and precipitation patterns.
Sea Kayaking Chile
Sea Kayaking Chile from the Andes to the Ocean on Lago Yelcho. Fjords, hotsprings, extinct volcanos, temperate rainforest.

Whitewater Guide School Thinking about a whitewater guide job on the Futaleufu? Check out our whitewater guide school & swiftwater rescue training courses.

Chile Fly Fishing Lodge
Go fly fishing from our Chile fly fishing lodge. Fly fishing trips on Lago Yelcho and Argentina fly fishing excursions.
EcoTours in Patagonia Chile
Custom ecotours in Chile of the Futaleufu valley that include bird watching and nature treks.

Paddling School
Learn the kayak eskimo roll and receive world class kayak instruction from our paddling school.

University of Futaleufu
Checkout our large group, instructional and corporate team building programs offered every year..
Trekking Torres del Paine Tours in Cerro FitzRoy and Los Glaciares national park and the Futaleufu River.
Trekking Chile at its best!
Travel Agency Commissions
Information on visiting Chile. Travel agency commisions and discounts.

Horseback Riding Vacations
Experience a Horseback riding vacation like no other with with genuine Guachos &Chilean Criollo horses.

Honeymoon Vacation
Our CondorNest Ranchito is the perfect honeymoon vacation spot located beneath the spectacular Tres Monjas towers.
Chile Skiing Chile skiing in the amazing Andes Mountains during the off season summer months. Bariloche & Esquel Outdoor Internship Jobs  
Office internships and employment opportunities in rafting, kayaking and fly fishing & adventure travel offfice.
Canyoning Trips
Chile canyoning and rappelling vacations.
Chile Culture Immersion
Experience genuine Chile Culture Immersion on our adventure travel horseback riding and trekking vacations.
Chile Kayaking
Take a Chile Kayaking vacation in the spectacular Patagonia Andes. Creek Boating whitewater safaris in Chile.
Mountain Biking Vacation
Experience a genuine Patagonia mountain biking vacation from our lodge or eco camp.
Rafting en el Río Futaleufú
con las mejores aguas blancas de clase mundial (5,4,3,). Kayak de mar, mountain biking, cabalgatas, sit-on-top kayaking cayoning, caminatas, pesca con mosca y mucho más aventuras podrás encontrar en el corazón de la patagonia Chilena, y desde el comfort de nuestro nativo y caluroso Hotel. Rafting en lel Río Futaleufú en Español.

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