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Galapagos Sea Kayaking:
Galapagos Sea Kayaking Multisport

Mooring each night in different locations, you will experience the best the Galapagos has to offer. Island hopping by catamaran gives travelers the best of both worlds and utilizes our time for both land- and water-based exploration. On this trip we will go trekking, snorkelling, mountain biking and sea kayaking in the Galapagos.

Sample Itinerary: We pride ourselves in running a relaxed and always flexible schedule. Every trip is different depending upon the group, other trips in the area, and sometimes the weather. The itinerary is subject to change as it is dependent on weather and participants’ ability. Our daily distances can fluctuate depending on weather, activities, and National Park changes. The following is a sample of what your trip might be like.

Day 1 Sunday: Arrival and Introductions
The domestic terminal is small but you will want to give yourself at least 1.5 hours leeway for your domestic flight from Quito to Baltra (which is adjacent to Santa Cruz). Once in Galápagos, your guide will meet you at the terminal and take you to our yacht moored in the harbor at Puerto Ayora. We’ll check into your cabins and then enjoy the first of many delightful meals. Soon after we will move on to Punta Estrada and Bahia Divine, a calm shallow bay where rays, mullets and sharks can be seen while sea kayaking along the rocky coast line. Paddling through multiple lava channels of calm, turquoise waters we can see white-tipped sharks and rays patrol beneath the surface, while colonies of blue-footed boobies, tropic birds, herons, and marine iguanas perch among the jagged cliffs. Later in the afternoon we’ll dine onboard and navigate our way to Isabela Island.

Day 2 Monday: Horseback ride and hike on Isabela Island
Isabela is the largest Island in the archipelago, formed by the merger of six shield volcanoes—Cerro Azul, Darwin, Ecuador, Sierra Negra, and Wolf. All but one remains active, making this island one of the most volcanically-active places on earth. From the main center, Puerto Villamil, we head up on a horseback ride or hike for about 6 miles (9 km) on irregular terrain until we arrive at the rim of the Sierra Negra volcano. Sierra Negra is the second largest caldera in the world. From this spot you have a fantastic view of the 6 by 5 mile caldera, the surrounding volcanoes, and the Perry Isthmus. After a picnic lunch, we will trek along a lava trail to Volcan Chico, a smaller cone of Sierra Negra where we often see fumaroles and are guaranteed an incredible landscape from the top. Late in the afternoon we will return to the yacht and dinner.

Day 3 Tuesday: Paddle, Trek, Sea Kayak and Surf at Tintoreras and the beach
After a delicious breakfast, we’ll transfer boat to tintoreras grotto, a small channel in between lava flows, where we usually find marine iguanas, white tipped reef sharks, colonies of sea lions and a Galapagos penguin population that loves to swim with us. After lunch, we will hike Muro de las Lagrimas, a wall of lava rocks made by inmates from an old penal colony established on the island. Then we will have an opportunity to go Galapagos sea kayaking. Other attractions include the local mangroves and salty lagoons featuring the mangrove finch native to Isabela. Keep an eye out for the American oystercatchers, herons, flamingos, and many other shore species. To finish our day we can relax on the miles of white sand beach and try a hand at boogie boarding and surfing on a friendly beach break. Tonight we’ll dine onboard before sailing to Floreana Island.

Day 4 Wednesday: Hike and Explore Floreana
On Floreana Island we will visit Puerto Velasco Ibarra, the smallest town in the Galapagos, with a population of around 60 people. Floreana is named after Jose Flores, the first President of Ecudaor, during whose administration the government of Ecuador took possession of the archipelago. It is also called Santa Maria after one of the caravels of Columbus. It has an interesting human history and was one of the earliest islands to be inhabited. Its natural history is also intriguing as pink flamingos and green sea turtles nest (December to May) here along with the "joint footed" petrel, a nocturnal sea bird, which spends most of its life away from land.
Since the 18th century, whalers have kept a wooden barrel at Post Office Bay that served as a mail drop for boats bound for Europe and America. Today, we’ll travel up to explore the highlands where pirates and whalers used volcanic caves as hiding places. We’ll navigate our way to San Cristobal after dinner.

Day 5 Thursday: Snorkel and Sea Kayaking Leon Dormido
This morning we will snorkel and swim around Leon Dormido, the jagged remains of an old tuft cone whose flanks are covered with sea birds and sea lions. Also known as Kicker Rock, this volcanic formation serves as nesting place for frigate birds, blue footed boobies, nazca boobies and tropic birds. Here we get good opportunities to see hammerhead and white-tipped sharks, eagle and golden rays, and dozens of species of tropical fish, clams, starfish, and marine invertebrates. After lunch we’ll visit Isla Lobos and Puerto Grand to enjoy the beach and visiting sea lions before sailing into Puerto Baquerizo Moreno. If time permits, we’ll hike nearby Frigate Hill for splendid views of the coastline and the main port and have an opportunity to go sea kayking in the Galapagos again.

Day 6 Friday: Snorkel, Swim and Trek San Cristobal
After breakfast we will drive to El Junco lagoon - the only natural source of fresh water in the islands. Here frigate birds feed on the fish in the lagoon and soar on valley thermals. There are also large numbers of land birds such as Darwin’s finches and mocking birds. We’ll enjoy an easy hike through Cerro Verde (a small traditional village where we will have lunch) to La Galapaguera which is a part of the Galapagos National Park. Here we will find a great number of giant tortoises in their natural habitat. After exploring the surroundings we will walk to Puerto Chino. This beautiful and pristine beach will be the perfect spot for a laid back afternoon where you can snorkel, swim or simply relax. At dusk we will start back to Puerto Baquerizo to join the yacht. Dinner and sailing to Puerto Ayora.

Day 7 Saturday: Hiking, biking and exploring Santa Cruz
After another delightful breakfast, we will transfer to Los Gemelos, a pair of craters (sink holes) in the middle of the Scalesia zone. Scalesias are endemic trees only found in Galápagos and they create a great nesting area for Darwin’s finches as well as many other land birds such as flycatchers and doves. From here we’ll hop on our mountain bikes for a downhill ride to Los Túneles where we will spend one hour hiking through the darkness of these magnificent, thrilling and enormous empty lava flows. After lunch we‘ll continue biking to El Garrapatero, a beautiful beach where small lagoons are home of flamingos, herons, grebes, stilts, and other shore birds. A refreshing swim will be in order before stopping in Puerto Ayora for a cold drink. A lovely portside dinner will complete our day and some may even indulge a night on the town in this charming but lively village.

Day 8 Sunday: Darwin Centre and Departure
No visit to Santa Cruz Island would be complete without a visit to the world famous Charles Darwin Research Centre where most of the efforts to protect and preserve the native flora and fauna are developed. The center also has Giant tortoise rearing programs and is home to Lonesome George, the last of his species. After this visit you will be transferred to your flight back to Quito.

PRICE: $3095.00 USD

Included: All professional guide service, fully crewed sail boat with on-board naturalist, meals and lodging while in our care, activities, transfers and personal gear and equipment for all activities.

Important Note: The following are extra cost that are not covered by the sea kayaking Galapagos trip price and that need to be taken into account when traveling to the Galapagos.

• Flights to/from Quito, Ecuador
• Accommodations in Quito
• Flights to/from Galápagos approximately $390 US
• Excess baggage charges
• Single supplement
• Galápagos National Park entrance fee $100 US per person, $50 US per child under 12 (cash only)
• International airport departure tax $31.50 US per person
• Insurance of any kind, including travel and mandatory medical and evacuation insurance
• Alcoholic beverages
• Items of personal nature (a complete packing list will be provided)
• Gratuities
Experience Needed: None
Physical Challenge: Low
Cultural Experience: High
Lodging: Ship-board Cabins
Comfort Rating:  Medium
Days away from home: 10
Days with us: 8
Max Trip Size: 8
Price: $3095.00 USD
Region: Galapagos Islands, Ecuador
Lakes, Rivers, Sites Visited: Quito, Baltra, Santa Cruz, Isabela Island, Floreana Island, Puerto Baquerizo Moreno, Puerto Ayora
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