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Futaleufu via Esquel Argentina

Brief Route Description:
The airport at Esquel is by far the closest jet port to the Futaleufu river valley. This is our TOP CHOICE route to get to Futaleufu. It is just forty five minutes by ground transfer from the airport to the village of Trevelin. It avoids the 4.5 hours of driving from Bariloche, and allows you to be rested for the start of your trip in Futaleufu. Once you are in Trevelin relax, no more worries, you will be looking out toward the Chilean Andes from your reserved hotel. You will have time to rest up, enjoy a great restaurant, and experience the Argentine culture. The next morning after breakfast (9 a.m.) You will depart by taxi to the border. An exchile representative will meet you at the border at 10 a.m. to help with your crossing into Chile and take you to the nearby start of your trip. There is no more relaxing or reliable way to get to the start of your Futaleufu adventure trip. At the end of the trip Exchile takes you to the border at 7 pm. Here a taxi can take you to Hotel Casa de Piedra in Trevelin. You will have time for a shower and dinner at a nice restaurant.

Futaleufu via Esquel - Direct


1. Fly: Overnight To Buenos Aires International (EZE), early arrival.
2. Bus: To Domestic Airport AeroParque (AEP) (1hr).
3. Fly: Depart AeroParque Airport around 12:55 pm. Arrive Esquel around 3:25 pm (EQS).
4. Taxi/Remis: From Esquel Airport To Casa Piedra hotel, in Trevelin (45 min). Walk to dinner.
5. Taxi/Remis: At 9 am To Chilean border (45 min).
6. Adventure starts: 10:00 am at the border.

End of Exchile Adventure:

1. Exchile: Takes you to the border at 6 pm.
2. Taxi/Remis: Meet you at the Border and transport you to your hotel in Trevelin (45 min).
3. Hotel: Shower up  go to dinner at one of the best restaurants in town, Ruta 71.
4. Taxi: 45 minutes to the airport  Depart your hotel 2 hours before your flight from Esquel.
5. Fly: Depart Esquel around 4:05  pm to Buenos Aires Domestic Airport (AEP) arrive 6:15.
You  should have 3 hours between your flights (legal connect time).
6. Bus: From Domestic (AEP) to Buenos Aires Intl. Airport (1 hr). (EZE)
7. Fly: To home country (overnight). Flight must depart after 9:15.

Arrival Buenos Aires, Argentina International airport (EZE) called Ezeiza.
Enter Argentina with your passport . (If you are required to have a prepaid visa demonstrate it).  Claim your luggage.  Check for the bank in this luggage zone to change some money.  Clear customs then look for the TiendaLeon ground transport counter for your transfer to the Domestic Airport, before you depart the door from the secure part of the airport.

The two Buenos Aires airports are separated by 32 miles.
The B.A. International Airport:  Ministro Pistarini International Airport (EZE) commonly called Ezeiza.
The B.A. Domestic Airport: Aeroparque Jorge Newbery (AEP) commonly called Aeroparque. Domestic flights depart this airport.

Ground Transport between the two Airports in Buenos Aires.
Ground transport between Buenos Aires Airports.
A bus with wifi takes around 75 minutes (approx $16 usd)
A legal connection between your flights when you purchase your tickets is 3 hours, and it should be enough. The flight to Esquel departs after noon giving you lots of time to get to it unless your international flight is delayed significantly.

A Bus seat or Remis/Taxi or the can be reserved at the TiendaLeon counter in the customs area of the International airport when you arrive.

First ask them at the counter when the next bus departs for the Domestic airport and calculate if you will get to the airport 50 to 60 minutes before your flight to Esquel.

Remis or Bus? A remis (a taxi without a meter operating on a fixed price for the route) will take 45 minutes (approx $60 usd) This is an option to use in Buenos Aires if you think you are running late and need to speed your arrival to catch the flight to Esquel. You will arrive 20 to 25 minutes quicker than the bus.

If you flew Aerolineas Argentinas internationally you will be eligible to print a free coupon for the bus to transfer between the Buenos Aires Airports. Enter your last name and reserve code here.  Print and, turn this coupon in at the counter in exchange for the free ticket to board the bus waiting outside the Terminal. If you are flying an International carrier other than Aerolineas Argentinas you may purchase the bus ticket at the counter. You could also purchase the bus ticket here online.

Arrival at the Domestic Airport AeroParque in Buenos Aires.
Aerolineas Argentina is the only carrier to fly AeroParque - Esquel. There are daily flights (except Wednesday) departing Buenos Aires (AEP) around 12:55 pm arriving in Esquel (EQS)  around 3:25 pm. This is a very nice airport with a good view of the river, a food court, and WiFi.

Fly to Esquel Airport. Land in Patagonia on the dry side of the Andes. (45 min. Remis to Trevelin)

Ground Transport between Esquel Airport and Futaleufu (Chile border).
Remises are Argentine taxis without meters. They are willing to work remote areas with gravel roads that we traverse near the border between Chile and Argentina.

New 2017-18
For your convenience you can prepay all ground transports to and from Esquel, Argentina when you sign up for your trip. From Esquel you and fellow guests can be met by Remis/Taxis with drivers that we know, trust and have radio contact with our office.  

Arriving to Futaleufu from Esquel Airport: ($75 usd per guest).
Esquel Airport to your Hotel in Trevelin (45 min).
Next morning, Hotel to the border with Chile (45 min).

Departing Futaleufu to Esquel Airport: ($75 usd per guest).
End of your trip to Hotel in Trevelin (45 min).
Next day from Hotel to Esquel Airport  (45 min).

Update Border Crossing Regulations 2017-2018:

Guests arriving to Futaleufu through Argentina, please be advised that an Exchile representative will be waiting to pick you up on the CHILE side of the border.

Due to stricter regulations, we are no longer able to meet you at the Argentina border and walk you across the “no man’s land” to the Chilean Border.

Therefore when your Remis(taxi) drops you off at the Argentine border, first clear customs, and then proceed to walk down the road (500 yards) to the Chilean border. An Exchile representative will be waiting there to help you clear Chilean customs and transport you to Futaleufu.

Any questions please feel free to call our office. We look forward to sharing our paradise playground with you soon!

Air Tickets:
We recommend using Gilda as a travel agent.

Fly to Esquel
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Secure your trip reserve with Expediciones Chile:
Secure you reserve here.

Pre and Post trip Hotel Reserve in Trevelin:
Reserve your rooms in Casa de Piedra in Trevelin here.

Enroute Guidance: Print this en-route guidance to go.



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