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Whitewater Guide School:
Swiftwater Rescue Training, River Guide School, ACA Kayak Instructor Training, Wilderness Medicine

Improve your river skills by completing our commercial river guide training courses on Chile's Rio Futaleufu in Patagonia, South America.

Whitewater River Guide School

Learn the necessary whitewater skills to be a professional river guide on the Futaleufu River in Patagonia Chile.

Whitewater River Guide School

Swiftwater Rescue Training
Rescue 3 International Swiftwater Rescue Technician (WRT) - Level 1

Earn an international certification in Swiftwater Rescue on one of the most prestigious and challenging rivers commercially run, the crown jewel of big water rivers, the Rio Futaleufu in Patagonia, Chile.

Our Rescue 3 International Swiftwater Rescue Technician course
is designed to help rescuers aid others and at the same time help themselves. This course is not a clinic or workshops but a comprehensive, competency based program. The course is essential for recreational boaters, commercial guides, police, firefighters, lifesaving and search & rescue teams, or anyone who lives or works near moving water.

Our week-long swiftwater rescue course covers 30 hours of rescue training that includes: foot and body pins, boat pins and wraps, shallow river crossing, throw bag rescues, technical ropes, anchors and tension systems.

Another 30 hours include raft guide training on the Futaleufu and outfitter management training. For those in law enforcement or firefighting who don't want to participate in raft guide training, we can substitute other activities from our extensive Adventure Vacation Program.

Participating in the class
does not guarantee certification. You must pass all the requirements. This is an intense and physically demanding course. The hours for this six day period are from 7:00 am to 9:00 pm.

Achieving certification on the Futaleufu River with Expediciones Chile and Jim Coffee, one of the top instructors in the industry, will be something that you can be extremely proud of. Gaining river guide training and a river manager's insight, which you can use with any company in the industry, is an additional bonus.Our accommodations are at the one of a kind Tres Monjas Eco-Camp at the confluence of the Azul and Futaleufu Rivers. This eco-camp is a virtual island with a river on each side. The Futaleufu River running this time of year is between 15,000 to 18,000 cfs and the Rio Azul, on the other side of the camp, typically ranges between 500 and 2000 cfs. This gives us the settings for all of the rescue scenarios that we need to exercise.Each student will get a chance on the safety-cat oars, the oars on the passenger raft, and as safety kayakers if they are kayakers with bomb-proof rolls running the Futaleufu and Azul. The training camp starts with a morning jog or hike at 7:00 am.Our founder Chris Spelius says of Jim Coffey, our Rescue class instructor and director or River Safety: "Jim loves and lives the river business. He has taken an already impressive body of knowledge involving river safety and river management, and evolved it to a new level".

Send your river manager, head guide, or business owner and revitalize your company. You will be inspired and challenged by joining this course.

Some swift water training topics that we will cover are:

• Preplanning rescue scenarios
• River and rescue communications
• Equipment needed for these types of environments
• Risk management
• Incident command system applied in a river context
• Working together: coordination of rafts, kayaks and land-based teams
• How to read large volume whitewater
• How to choose the safest lines
• Lining boats through rapids
• How to determine the best place to perform a rescue
• Ghost ride a raft (at Zeta, a usual portage)
• Rigging rafts and kayaks for rescue and/or flip and recovery
• Foot and body entrapment extrications
• Body searches
• The "V" -lower: a high-angle rescue technique
• High line Tyrolean and Telfer systems for rescue
• Rappelling and ascending a fixed line

Swiftwater Rescue Training

ACA Whitewater Kayak Instructor Training
ACA Instructor Development/Certification

This forty-hour weeklong kayak school course covers both the American Canoe Association Instructor Development Workshop (IDW) and the Instructor Certification Examination (ICE). The first half of the week is designed to help paddlers develop as kayak instructors and prepare for the ACA Certification Examination. The course will stress the ACA model for effective instruction and group leadership required to teach others to paddle on moving water. Paddling skills, rescue and safety comprehension, and technical knowledge will be thoroughly reviewed and modeled in preparation for the instructor certification examination.

The second half of this kayak school week will be devoted to the instructor examination itself. Candidates will be evaluated on the topics taught during the Development Workshop. Three different certifications will be available: Basic River Kayak Instructor, Whitewater Kayak Instructor and Advanced Whitewater Kayak Instructor. There will be time in the week to practice the techniques modeled during the Development Workshop and to also pursue many of the multisport activities available from the paddling school lodge.

Students can also sign-up
for either half of the course, leaving the rest of the week open for optional activities.

ACA Whitewater Kyak Instructor Training

Wilderness Medicine Seminar
Patagonia, Chile is an unparalleled outdoor classroom to teach practical and applied wilderness medicine skills. Not only is Patagonia one of the last frontiers of untouched remote wilderness on earth, it is a convergence of world class whitewater, mountains and ecology. Wilderness MedVentures believes Patagonia has the potential to attract a large number of physicians eager to experience pristine wilderness while gaining hands-on experience in wilderness medicine. Dr. Kevin McGarvey, one of the emergency physician instructors, has already done 6-weeks of University funded research in the Futaleufu Valley...

Wilderness Medicine Seminar

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