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Other Places to travel in Patagonia Chile:

Chaitén >>
Chiloé >>
National Park Pumalin >>
National Park Torres del Paine >>

(population 3,000)

Approaching Chaitén.

The small coastal town of Chaitén has the feel of an Alaskan fishing village. This is our gateway to the Futaleufu Valley as our kayaking, rafting, fly fishing and sea kayaking and Patagonia travel trips start and end here. It is also a gateway to the southern road to Coyhaique and the Pumalín National Parks. If you want to get here early, Chaiten is a great place to stay before our trips begin.

For our guests:
1. We reserve spaces on charter flights. This small airport has paved runway, a tower, and instruments for landings, even in variable weather.
2. We arrange van service to the village of Futaleufu and the (FAC) Futaleufu Adventure Center, crossing rivers, ascending mountain passes with hanging glaciers, and traversing a lake. A four hour trip.
3. We arrange direct flights to the newly paved Futaleufú airport.

Best places to stay in Chaiten:

Reservations must be made in Advance, this is a small town and in the summer usually all B&B’s are full each night.

We make reserves for our guests with visa or master cards. 1.888.488.9082 office@exchile.com

Hotel (First Class great food!)
Hotel, Mi Casa
On the hill north side of town
Federico Lynam
Chaitén CHILE

Hostal Corcovado (clean, spartan and cheap) great food!
On the coast across from the Copec gas station.
Waldo and Anita speak Spanish
Av Corcovado Esq P. Aguirre
Chaitén CHILE
65 731- 221 office

We make reserves for local tours in Chaitén with:
Chaitur, Nicolas LaPenna speaks English

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"Woolen markets, ocean side restaurants, and local culture!"

A four-hour ferry ride from Chaitén or 45-minute ferry from Puerto Montt is the island of Chiloé, a pastoral landscape of misty green hills and picturesque fishing villages. Chiloé is remarkable for the contrasts between the simple life of the Chilote people and their Patagonia culture with its unique mythology, music, intricately shingled churches, and excellent seafood restaurants. There are over 200 churches on the island, many dating from the 18th century.

Many were built without the use of a single nail. Chiloé National Park is great for hiking among native flora on the island's wild and rugged Pacific coast. Beaches stretch for miles giving you the feeling of complete isolation.

The Indian Mapuche uprising of 1598, expelled the Spanish from the territory between the Maule River and Puerto Montt. This independence was to last 300 years, however, Chiloé remained Spanish, and completely isolated. During this isolation a isolated culture evolved based on a mix between Catholicism and native customs, witchery, fairies, and other mythical figures are part of the local lore.

Castro is known for its house on wooden stilts and Ancud for its great museum. The seafood is great and the woolen products are inexpensive. This is the place to buy your gifts.

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Parque Pumalin from a sea kayak. photo credit Altue

By travelling two hours north of Chaitén one can visit this spectacular Patagonia park with its ancient alerce forests. There is great camping and hiking at Caleta González, which is set on a beautiful fjord near Pumalín. From here you can take a boat to the seal rookeries nearby, and enjoy the charming cafe. They have cabins as well a restaurant.

We can make reserves for our clients.

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"Torres del Paine National Park"

Isolated from the rest of Chile by fierce storms and impassable mountains and glacier fields, Torres de Paine can be reached only by air, boat, or overland from Argentina.

This area is also home to the southern Patagonia city of Punta Arenas, which first became prosperous during the California gold rush. This city was the supply port for ships traveling around the continent. Later, the city became the capital of Chile's wool industry, producing some of the wealthiest barons on the continent.

Torres del Paine, is a sculptured mountain range, which is truly the heart of this park, and extends to heights of up to 9,000 feet. A MUST see: the Cuernos del Paine, with a height of 6,300 feet; the hypnotic waterfalls of Salto Chico and Salto Grande; the Grey, Pingo, del Frances and Dickson glaciers; the Pehoe, Nordenskjold, Sarmiento, Pingo and Dickson lakes; and the Verde and Azul lagoons.

Fly south of Chaitén via Puerto Montt to Punta Arenas and spend time in this magnificent National Park. A unique backpacking trip through unbelievable scenery can be accomplished through a well designated hiking trail located within the park.

For Reserves call:1.888.488.9082

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