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A Guide to the Whitewater Rivers of Chile and Argentina

Here you will find useful information about many of the famous and not so famous whitewater runs in Chile and Argentina. This
guidebook is meant as a reference to help paddlers explore these rivers and understand where they are in relation to one another
and the major population centers in both countries. We also made an effort to provide Real-time Streamflow Data when ever possible.

The great advantage of an “online guidebook” is that it can be updated frequently so that the information it contains is more current
than might be typically found in a paperback volume. Furthermore the “wiki format” allows for contributions from many authors with
the advantage of easy editing.

If you have paddled through Chile or Argentina on any of these rivers we invite you to share your knowledge (text or photos) with the
rest of the whitewater community. Just simply fill out our wiki editor request form and soon you can begin writing and uploading
photos about the rivers listed or add a river we don’t have listed.

Lastly, this guidebook is not the “last word” on any of these rivers. All river environments are subject to permanent or temporary
change either through natural or man made processes. There is no substitute for firsthand on the spot scouting and the usual river
running safety precautions. This guide is meant to give a paddler a general outline of what to expect when they get to Chile or
Argentina and no more. Paddlers using the information in this guidebook do so at their own risk.

Index of Rivers

Tips on Flying with Kayaks to Chile

Copyright & Terms of Use

  • Copyrights: (Copyright © 2006, Expediciones Chile) All photos, maps, diagrams, text and computer code is the copyrighted
    property of Expediciones Chile with all rights reserved.

  • Terms of Use: Any type of reproduction, republication, or re-transmission for commercial use is prohibited without the expressed,
    written permission of Expediciones Chile. Users of this Wiki guidebook may print copies of the text, images and diagrams for
    personal river running use only. Users may not alter the diagrams or text without expressed written permission of Expediciones
    Chile. Users must read and acknowledge the disclaimer before printing. Printing implies acknowledgment of the disclaimer.


  • Disclaimer: Under no circumstances should paddlers substitute the information and diagrams in this guidebook for their own
    sound judgment on the river and their collective experience running rivers. The diagrams and descriptions found here are only
    approximations of what paddlers will find on the river once they get to Chile or Argentina. They are not to scale and nor are
    they completely accurate
    . Water levels change, rocks move around, landslide debris can enter the river at any time making
    the diagrams obsolete. Expediciones Chile also reserves the right to update these diagrams and descriptions at any time
    as we find better ways to illustrate and discuss the rapids. Use this guidebook at your own risk.

    Read More: Disclaimer
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