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Quick Facts


A detailed sketch illustrating the key kayak lines of Honorable Mention
A detailed sketch illustrating the key kayak lines of Honorable Mention

Honorable Mention is at the heart of the Wild Mile Section. Paddlers have a tendency to think they are home-free when they have gotten through the Throne Room. This would be true if it weren’t for Honorable Mention, the hardest rapid on this section of river. The unique geometry of ledges and holes can set-up an unwary paddler for a surprising swim. The verticle drop is not great but the river is very narrow in places, there are lots of obstacles, and the water has the texture that you will often find on flooded rivers. If anything is apt to go wrong in the Wild Mild Section it will usually happen at Honorable Mention. The rapid consists of two ledges (First and Second Prizes) and Honorable Mention Hole.

High and Low Water

Punching through the Tsunami Wave.
Punching through the Tsunami Wave.

The high flows the holes get wider and bigger and the water much faster. At low water there is plenty of time to make the required moves. At normal levels, because the river is narrow, it has a high water feel.


This rapid is worth taking a look at. You can scout the first part from river-left. It is easier to scout the second part after getting into the Scout Eddy on river-right and getting out of your kayak. You can walk the entire rapid from river-left, however it is a long walk.


Honorable Mention Hole is the greatest hazard in the rapid. The main current after Second Prize Ledge, called The Conveyor, feeds into this hole with speed. At most levels Honorable Mention is a retentive pour over that will likely keep anything that goes into for awhile. It needs to be avoided. Other hazards are First and Second Prize Ledges and their associated hydraulics. These form on both sides of the river.

Play Opportunities

The Tsunami Wave at the top can be surfed, however due to the continual nature of the rest of the section exercise caution when doing so.

Where to Swim

Stopping to surf the Tsunami Wave at the top of the rapid.
Stopping to surf the Tsunami Wave at the top of the rapid.

Swim toward river-right into the eddy if you swim through First Prize Ledge. If you swim Second Prize Ledge or swim through Honorable Mention also swim right.

Where to Rescue

Have a safety kayaker waiting in the river-right Scout Eddy between the two ledges. It is also worth having a kayaker waiting at the bottom of the rapid on river-right.

Where to Portage

The entire rapid can be walked on the left.

Running the Rapid

Between the two ledges in Honorable Mention.
Between the two ledges in Honorable Mention.

Proceed down the small v-tongue going through First Prize Ledge cleaning the side of the Tsunami Wave. Then move quickly and strongly to the big Scout Eddy on river right between the ledges.

Here one can formally scout the main line from the river-right shore, or boat scout the sneak route down the river-right side. If you opt for the main line there are a few things that need to be made clear.

The v-tongue ramp of Second Prize Ledge, called The Conveyor, heads directly into Honorable Mention Hole with speed. It will also impart a subtle right-to-left momentum to your kayak that needs to be forcefully counteracted to avoid the hole. As soon as you hit The Conveyor begin paddling hard toward river-right for all you are worth. You probably won’t see Honorable Mention until you are upon it or past it on river-right – don’t wait for visual cues. The move on The Conveyor involves threading the needle between Second Prize Ledge and Honorable Mention - it is a lot harder than it looks, especially at higher water. If you have any doubts about your ability consider taking the sneak chute on river-right through Second Prize Ledge.

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