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Quick Facts

  • Class: III-IV (one long class V)
  • Distance: 60 k (38 miles)
  • Average Gradient: 3m /km (15 ft /mile)
  • Maximum Gradient:
  • Temperature: 15-20C (60-70 F)
  • Water Quality: Clear, Turquoise Blue
  • Character: Drop Pool, Continuous Noise
  • Nearby Rivers: Palena River, Tigre River, Cisnes River, Futaleufu River

General Description

The Rio Figueroa is one of the great Patagonia Classics. It runs from Lago Verde to Lago Rosselot through some of the most spectacular and pristine wilderness areas in Chile. After Lago Rosselot the Rio Figueroa joins the Rio Palena at the small village of La Junta. The Figueroa River is a great multiday day, warm water run that is perfect for intermediate kayakers. There is one long class V rapid that may need to be portaged depending on the skill level of your group. The rest of the river is consistent class II/III whitewater with two major class IV rapids interspersed. Plan on at least two full days of paddling to run the Figueroa River.


Midway down the Figueroa River there is a long class V rapid that needs to be portaged if you are not an expert boater. This class V section is what makes the Rio Figueroa less popular than it could be. The portage around this section is not easy. There are also a few class IV and III+ rapids that should also be scouted. Be cautious of all horizon lines and large drops.

River Flows / Gauge Information / Season

The Figueroa Rivers flows between two warm water lakes that moderate its flow and its temperature. The river typically runs between 85-170 cms (3000 to 6000 cfs) during the Summer months.

Rapid Descriptions

Not Described.

Put-Ins and Take-Outs

Support Option: (2-3 days with overnights camping on the river)

  • Put-in: Lago Verde
  • Take-out: Lago Rousselot

Day Trip Option:

There is an international highway that goes from La Junta to Lago Verde and onward into Argentina (Rt. 19). This highway runs along the Figueroa River Valley and can be used to access the river at certain junctures. The highway diverges from river at some points making the access to the river from the road impractical. Scout and plan ahead if you choose this option.


Access the river, put-ins, and take-outs from the La Junta - Lago Verde Highway (Route 19) that runs into Argentina.

Places to Stay / Campgrounds

Visit the pueblo of Lago Verde and inquire about lodging and camping options in the area.

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  • Disclaimer: Under no circumstances should paddlers substitute the information and diagrams in this guidebook for their own sound judgment on the river and their collective experience running rivers. The diagrams, maps and descriptions found here are only approximations of what paddlers will find on the river once they get to Chile or Argentina. They are not to scale and nor are they completely accurate. Water levels change, rocks move around, landslide debris can enter the river at any time making the diagrams obsolete. Expediciones Chile also reserves the right to update these diagrams and descriptions at any time as we find better ways to illustrate and discuss the rapids. Use this guidebook at your own risk.

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