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Neither the creator(s) or administrators of this website, nor any author or contributing author on this website, may be held legally responsible for any decisions made on or off the river based on the information provided by these pages.

All data and information on this website and linked pages, including but not limited to descriptions of rapids, kayak lines, skill and difficulty levels, river flows, put-in or take-out directions are the prejudiced view of the author(s) and may not represent accurate information. This guidebook is in no way meant to replace vigilant scouting, careful water reading, individual appraisal of water difficulty, and general common sense.

Where flow levels are provided, they provided as a reference only, and do not constitute a recommendation of whether or not a paddler should put-in and/or attempt a section. What constitutes a safe paddling level varies from paddler to paddler.

Expediciones Chile, along with its owners, employees or agents and authors and contributing authors assume no liability or legal responsibility for destruction or personal property, loss of river running gear, personal injuries, psychological trauma, or fatalities that might occur or be incurred while running any river described on this website.

All opinions expressed on these web pages and associated web pages are not necessarily those of Expediciones Chile, its owners, employees or agents.

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