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Canyoning & Climbing Trips

Canyoning (known in the United States as canyoneering) is a sport of European origin in which someone descends water carved canyons, through staircases of cascades and pools, in the midst of native forests. It involves traveling by a variety of means including trekking, scrambling, rappelling, climbing and swimming. This spectacular activity could be the only reason to visit us, but canyoning is an optional part of almost every Chile Rafting Week. Hidden, but not far from Futaleufu, there are two spectacular world class canyons for you to explore.

Slide Show, Interactive Map, Video, 3-D Trip Tour

Only five kilometers from our Patagonia Lodge we find the spectacular side canyon called, Canyon Gelves - with waterfalls, slides and pools of pure, transparent turquoise water. Five hundred meters (1640 feet) of vertical relief have been explored in this beautiful canyon. The largest single drop, accessible only to experienced canyoners, is 45 meters (148 ft). Canyoning through the Gelves is an experience you will never forget.

About 40 kilometers from our lodge we find Canyon Palenque. Though the access is more difficult and challenging, it offers an even more spectacular scenario for canyoning - with bigger drops and clearer water.

We provide neoprene wear, helmet, harness and ropes. You will need to bring rugged high-closed shoes suitable for both hiking in the mountains and in the water. Lunch travels with us on the full day canyoning descents, but at the end of the day, like with all of our daily activities, we return to Futaleufú and to the comfort of our native wood lodge.

"These Activities are conducted by local companies"

Gelves Canyoning: Option 1
Time: Half day canyoning trip (about 3 hours in the canyon)
Description: A good introduction for first time initiates to the sport of canyoning. There is a 25-minute climb and the descent includes five 10-foot waterfalls, water slides and one zip-line crossing over a narrow gorge.

Gelves Canyoning: Option 2
Time: Full day canyoning trip (about 6 hours in the canyon)
Description: This exploration requires greater physical effort. There is a one-hour climb and it includes 20 waterfalls, a longer scramble through rocks and through water, and numerous water slides.

Gelves Canyoning: Option 3
Time: Full day trip canyning (between 6 – 8 hours in the canyon)
Description: Experienced canyoners only! This is the descent of the entire Gelves Canyon, starting with two l00 ft waterfalls. This canyoning trip is only for people with rappelling experience, who are in strong physical shape and skilled in technical scrambling. To be able to do the canyoning run in a single day you need to move with certain ability, precision and speed. There is a 1.5 hour strenuous climb.

Palenque Canyoning
Time: full day (between 6 – 8 hours in the canyon)
Description: A great option for experienced canyoners and climbers - or for beginners who have experienced the half-day trip down the Gelves Canyon. Palenque Canyon is a 30 minutes drive from our Patagonia Lodge in the village of Futaleufu, and a 1.5 hour hike in from the main road. During this trip you’ll be carrying gear and food for the entire day. Though more difficult, with a challenging access, this canyon raises the adrenaline level as we rappel from higher walls and dive into clear deep pools from steep cliff faces. This canyon demands a high level of participant endurance as it is an activity that takes all day, but believe us… it is worth it!!!!

Our Patagonia Canyoning Season

We offer these canyoning trips from November to April. They are included as optional activities in most of our Patagonia Rafting Weeks.

Canyoning Pricing

Normally our guests canyon as an optional activity during a week a whitewater rafting / multisport week. If you are interested in a few days to a week of canyoning, or a personalized canyoning multisport week, please contact our office for a custom itinerary and price.

Downloadable pdf: Canyoning


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