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Patagonia South Kayak School

Patagonia Kayak School:
Kayak Roll Identifier & Troubleshooter

A visual guide to the most popular kayak rolls used. This tool will allow you to identify the type of kayak roll your are currently practicing and allow you to implement the necessary corrections should your technique require it.


These video clips will help you identify which kayak roll you are doing and help troubleshoot it or, if you have not yet learned to roll, which roll you may want to learn. They will also help us develop and establish a common language for teaching the kayak roll.

Twist and Slice

C to C




“IF you do the roll technically correct the kayak has NO CHOICE but to right itself, even in chaotic whitewater. It is clear that rolling problems start with the erosion of technique.”

Chris Spelius

What are the reasons
that a roll that does not work one hundred percent of the time? It has not been made abundantly clear to the kayaker with the precise words and perfect demonstration what that exact motion is. Thus the kayaker does not have the muscle feel of that motion. This is where the expert instructor comes in.

The erosion of technique is also caused by a lack of confidence that seduces one to try to get up by lifting their head, or pushing their paddle down, or additional instinctive movements that destroy the perfect technique. This is where perfect practice builds the confidence.

We maintain that a roll is not that hard to learn. If you are a beginner we will analyze your body type, your goals in the sport and decide which kayak roll is best for you.

If you already roll you should understand which type of roll you have been trying to do. Then learn the exact motions that groove this roll. It is not difficult. We know what to say so that you will know the perfect verbal, and feeling cues to execute the perfect roll motion."

No matter if you are a C to C, Rotational sweep, back deck or rodeo roller, let us enhance your future in this sport in one of the world's most beautiful class rooms with the most professionally committed instructors you will find anywhere.

The erosion of technique is also caused by a lack of confidence that seduces one to try to get up by lifting their head, or pushing their paddle down, or additional instinctive movements that destroy the perfect technique. This is where perfect practice builds the confidence.

“Ten practice rolls with expert feedback are more important to your progress than one hundred practice rolls without feedback. Practice does not make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect!”

Chris Spelius

What makes the Exchile Patagonia Kayak School unique, in addition to its spectacular location, is the individualized instructional approach we provide to our paddling school students. Our student to instructor ratio never exceeds 5 to 1 and our attention is fully focused on safely improving your kayak paddling techniques.

Experience more! In addition to the natural beauty of the area, inviting culture, and premier lessons and kayak instruction you will receive, you may also participate in our many multisport activities pioneered by Expediciones Chile over the past twenty years in the Futaleufu River Valley. Experience the famous Class IV/V Futaleufu whitewater from a raft! Sea kayaking, trekking, horseback riding, fly-fishing, mountain biking, climbing and canyoning can all be incorporated into your paddling school vacation.

Surf our website to learn about our riverside eco-camp, cuisine and get a glimpse of the spectacular setting that has made Expediciones Chile and the Futaleufu River Valley a world-class kayak destination for the past twenty years.

Our kayak Campo is located at the confluence of the pristine, turquoise-waters of the Azul and Futaleufu Rivers. All this amidst spectacular glaciers, towering granite canyons, scenic volcanoes, and temperate old-growth rainforests. As our paddling school guest, you will receive the finest kayak lessons and instruction available in this spectacular region of the world. On certain kayak classes you may stay at a Bed and Breakfast in the village of Futaleufu, just minutes from our rolling pond and the Class 2 Rio Espolon.

Also offered at the Patagonia South Kayak School: Beginning Kayak Instruction, Intermediate Paddling Instruction, Advanced Paddling School Courses. How to Roll a Kayak clinics and private kayak instruction.


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