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Whitewater Kayak Chile:
Expediciones Chile Kayak Season Pass

This is a total vacation and immersion experience. You will spend a month or more in an outdoor dream on the banks of the Futaleufu and Azul rivers at our Tres Monjas Eco-Camp. Meals, accommodations, transport, kayak and safety are provided, – minimizing the off-river hassle and maximizing your paddling time. Your paddling partners will be a ExChile's expert guide/instructors along with other kayakers that are with us each week. You will get the inside view on what it takes to be a kayak instructor/guide on the Futaleufu River.

(1 min 22 sec)
(1 min 21 sec)
(77 sec)
(2 min 11 sec)
(31 sec)

Our past season pass participants often couldn’t believe the technical advancement and physical conditioning they developed after kayaking on the Rio Futaleufu for a month or more. You will get a head start on all your paddling friends back home and return from Chile a supercharged paddler – with a real winter tan. This is an opportunity to do what many have always wanted to do, focus completely on your paddling. We will go to great lengths to help you achieve your paddling goals.

Our season pass program affords you the opportunity to paddle all the different sections and various tributaries of the Rio Espolon, Rio Azul and Rio Futaleufu. You will have a chance to see all the rapids more than once and on the more challenging rapids you will have the choice to walk. You will have the opportunity to kayak six days of each week, with Saturdays off to relax and recuperate.

season pass

The sections that you paddle daily will be determined by the guide staff taking into consideration what sections are being run by other exchile kayakers and rafters as well as your ability level. Rafting the Futaleufu is an option provided with no extra charge on a space available basis. The Andes to the Ocean sea kayak trip is another option that is offered on a space available basis. Other multisport activities that you are interested in are offered for an extra charge.

Season passers should be sensitive that new kayakers are coming in on Sundays of each week. On this day we will be paddling easier sections to test and evaluate new kayakers while we push our season pass kayakers on advanced techniques on the easier water. We understand that season passers become comfortable with the camp and our staff, however the passers should be sensitive to our weekly guests for whom this is also a trip of a lifetime, but are with us for only one week. An effort to socialize with the new groups is important to the group dynamic both on and off the river.

The number of kayaker’s we accept for our Season Pass Program is limited. We usually interview all potential participants. (a month is defined as four weeks / a week is defined as paddling Sunday through Friday evening. Friday evening we bring you into town and provide a bed and breakfast in our guide house for Friday night and Saturday night. Meals in town are on your own Saturday. This is a good time to recover your energy, catch up on communication, have your laundry done and enjoy town. Sunday mid morning we start kayaking again.

Season passers have a choice of staying in a cabin in double occupancy or in their own private tent with their sleeping bag. You will have full use of Campo Tres Monjas. In certain rare situations season passers may be moved from the campo into a simple bed and breakfast in the village of Futaleufu for part of their stay if the need arises and the sections they are paddling are easily accessed from town. In these cases exchile continues to provide all services, town accommodations, meal plan along with guiding and shuttles.

Our Season Pass Program was written up in Paddler Magazine in 2003 and we have had numerous participants who have gone away with a lifetime full of memories. Call us for more information or for a reference from past kayak Chile Season Pass participants.

The reasons we have heard for coming to Futaleufu for a month.
Graduation Gift! / Sabbatical from work! / Retirement / Post Divorce retreat/ Trying to improve before the next season in home country/ and finally I spend less money than I do living at home.

The Eco Campo Tres Monjas is located on a white sand beach at the confluence of the Futaleufu river and the Rio Azul. The RiverNest Cabins are hidden between the river bank and the riparian forest, and each cabin is accessed by a private sand trail and surrounded by exotic Patagonian trees. After dinner, you can enjoy a campfire on the beach as you watch the moon rise between the impressive spires of Tres Monjas peak. At camp we have a sauna, flush toilets, a drying room for your river clothes, a dining lodge, and a selection of hot showers, which includes an exotic outdoor shower masterfully hidden between natural boulders. In this environment, you will have the opportunity to harmonize with nature. On this week-long trip, you will be able to play hard during the day in the Patagonian wild and return to the comforts of sit-down dining, a cozy stove, a sauna, and a warm bedding. Chile does not get any more exciting, wild, and comfortable than this.

Day by Day:

Day 1 Friday: Depart your hometown
Overnight flight to Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Day 2 Saturday: Travel to Trevelin, Argentina in Patagonia
Welcome to the warmth of summer in the Southern Hemisphere with an early arrival in Buenos Aires. Change airports with a taxi or shuttle bus and catch another flight to Esquel, Argentina. Taxi 45 minutes to Trevelin, Argentina, a charming mountain village just 45 minutes from the border and from the Futaleufu River in Chile. If you prepay, ExChile can meet all of your transportation needs until we pick you up at the Argentine-Chilean border the following day. Check into the Casa de Piedra hotel and walk to one of several Argentine restaurants with the Chilean Andes in view. Unwind, relax, and get a good night’s sleep before the start of your trip the next morning.

Day 3 Sunday: Raft from near the border to Campo Tres Monjas
After a relaxing night's sleep at a hotel in the quaint Welsh town of Trevelin, deep in Argentinian Patagonia, we begin this exciting trip with a taxi to the Chilean-Argentine border, where an ExChile representative meets you. We are now in the Futaleufu Valley. After you clear customs, your ExChile trip officially starts. An Expediciones Chile representative will meet you and help you cross into Chile and change vehicles for the start of your trip. Season Pass itineraries will be built around our three primary paddling programs. Class II/III Kayak Chile Week. Class III/IV Futaleufu River Valley Week. Class IV/V Kayak Futaleufu Week and the Patagonia South Kayak School.

Day 4 Monday: Kayak
Day 5 Tuesday: Kayak
Day 6 Wed: Kayak
Day 7 Thursday: Kayak

Day 8 Friday:
Kayak after the day on the river you will come into the village of Futaleufu (bed and breakfast provided) and spend the night. Enjoy the activities in town Dinner on your own.

Day 9 Saturday:
Day off in Futaleufu - (bed and breakfast and internet provided Saturday meals on your own.)

Day 10 Sunday:
Mid- morning we start kayaking and return to your accommodations at Campo Tres Monjas. We repeat each week building your kayaking.

Day 11 Monday: Kayak
Day 12 Tuesday: Kayak
Day 13 Wed: Kayak
Day 14 Thursday: Kayak
Day 15 Friday: Kayak

Two additional weeks of kayaking.

Day 29 Friday: On your fourth Friday of Kayaking:
At the finish of your last friday, we make our way toward the border where your taxi awaits to take you to your hotel in Trevelin. Your trip officially ends at the border. Check into your hotel, take a shower, and change clothes before enjoying your last night in Patagonia. There are a handful of outstanding and reasonably priced restaurants in Trevelin that we can recommend. Relax, recover, and look back on the exciting week of rafting before heading home the following morning.

Day 30 Saturday: Return to Capital City 
You wake up in Argentina, where you can eat breakfast and relax before you take a taxi from your hotel to the airport in Esquel. Return to Buenos Aires, change airports, and board your international flight home.

Day 31 Sunday: Return Home 


Eco Camp Campo Tres Monjas

Interactive Map of Campo Tres Monjas

Condor Nest Ranch   

Price and Departure Dates

Length of Trip: 24 Active Days / 27 total days with us

Price per Person:

Class V paddlers, 4 weeks: $5,995 USD
Double Occupancy RiverNest cabin 4 weeks.

Class II-III-IV paddlers, 4 weeks: $6,295 USD
Double Occupancy RiverNest cabin 4 weeks.

Private Instruction, 4 weeks: $9,995.
Single Occupancy Cabin.

Scheduled Departure Dates: Call our office


Your described itinerary, guiding, instruction, specialized equipment, and all transportation from your trip pick up point to your trip drop off point, all accommodation (RiverNest Cabins are double occupancy), all meals, and wine with dinner.

To see the gear that we provide, please check the packing list of your activity.

Not Included

All pre and post-trip enroute transportation, food, and hotel(s).

Once you are on an ExChile trip, you should incur no extra expenses unless you’d like laundry services, massages, gifts, or alcohol beyond what is included.
If you would like to add multisport activities that are not listed as options on your itinerary, we are happy to cater to your wishes, though these activities may be subject to an additional charge. These are Fly Fishing / Horseback Riding / Canyoning.


Weather and River Flow: ExChile will work to make your trip a total success, though your trip itinerary may vary based on unforeseen circumstances related to weather, river levels, or to other unpredictable variables. Given that the weather in Patagonia and the water level of the Rio Futaleufu can change, some runs may be dangerous at certain points in time. However, our experienced guide staff will work closely with you to determine the optimal substitute option, if relevant. If you have any concerns, please feel free to reach out to ask us more about potential risks and options.

Transportation: Expediciones Chile and G & G Travel and Tours are not financially responsible for travel complications associated with arriving at your trip pick-up point or returning home from the trip drop-off point. However, we will be your relentless ally 24/7 in offering our influence to help solve any issues that you may encounter en route. This is our part of the world and we are very well connected. Our clients provide significant business for the transportation services that we recommended, and they know that we aggressively represent our guests in finding solutions while they are en route to ExChile trips. We also recommend purchasing travel insurance.

Experience Needed: Kayak roll as needed for your class of Whitewater.
Physical Challenge: Moderate
Season: December to March
Cultural Experience: Moderately high
Nature Experience: Very High
Comfort Rating: Glamping at Campo Tres Monjas
Max Trip Size: 5
Min Trip Size: 2
Region Visited: Remote Patagonia - Chile (Futaleufu) and Argentina (Trevelin)
Lakes, rivers, and sites: Rio Futaleufu, Rio Azul, Rio Espolón, Lago Lonconao, Lago Espolón, Secret Lagoon, Campo Tres Monjas
Rio Espolón: Upper Class 2, Lower Class 2-3+
Rio Azul: Azul: School to Campo Class 3+, Bridge to Campo Class 3-4.
Sections of the Futaleufu river: El Macal: Class 3, Las Escalas through Wild Mile Class 3-4-, Terminator: section minus Terminator Class 4-, Bridge to Bridge: Class 4-4+, Casa de Piedra section Class 4-5, Terminator: with Terminator Class 4-5, Inferno gorge: Class 5.
Chile Rafting Trip Calendar Trip Itinerary
Direct Line, USA:
+1.208.629.5032 (7am/5 pm mst)
Toll Free, USA:
+1.888.488.9082 (7am/5 pm mst)
Skype Me™! Skype Me™!
Travel Consultant 1 Travel Consultant 2

How to get to and From Patagonia (interactive)

Our Recommended Route (Through Esquel, Argentina ; Taxi to Futaleufu)

Executive Option (Through Puerto Montt, Chile ; Charter directly to Futaleufu)

Transit through Chile (Through Puerto Montt and Chaiten, Chile ; Public bus to Futaleufu)

How to organize your en route in one step: We recommend contacting Gilda (G & G Travel and Tours) who can help arrange all en route transportation and pre- and post-trip hotels for your ExChile trip. Give her a call to compare prices, as she often beats internet fares.

Enroute Hotels


Expediciones Chile Contact

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