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Whitewater Rafting in Chile:
CondorNest Futaleufu Multisport Rafting Vacation
(Exclusive - Private CondorNest Ranch Week)

We invite you to spend a unique Chile rafting vacation in the best kept secret of Patagonia, a magical private ranch in a mountain meadow, under the Tres Monjas spires. The ranch overlooks the confluence of two pristine rivers merging into Chile's legendary and remote Futaleufu river as it carves through a dramatic and sheer Andean valley. You can arrange exclusive Futaleufu rafting, fly fishing or any of our multi-sport activities. Each evening you will return to the private ranch. Plan your own trip with your group, complete with private chef and masseuse. Be enchanted by natural rhythms, where condors soar in southern thermals high above shimmering turquoise rapids thundering through rarely explored black granite canyons.

Expediciones Chile redefines an exclusive remote accommodation in Patagonia. The CondorNest ranch is a one of a kind pleasure. Designed for couples or smaller groups of up to six, we have hosted private trips for honeymooners, couples, families, business associates, celebrities and politicians. The closest other people are across the Futaleufu river from the CondorNest Ranch. We can provide complete privacy for those that desire to be off the radar on their Patagonian vacation. CondorNest is surprising rustic comfort in the rugged Andes of Patagonia.

The honeymoon cabin itself
was constructed almost entirely from native woods found on this remote property. It has hardwood floors, panoramic windows to enjoy the amazing views of the surrounding valley, wood powered stove for heating and cooking, hot running water, and solar powered electricity. The river-rock floor of the kitchen, outside porch for watching the setting sun, organic greenhouse with fresh vegetables, sweet mountain spring water, a outdoor hot shower in a hollowed out coihue tree, and an outdoor bathroom private yet with a view. Imagine you and your partner in this amazing location. Now add your own private chef preparing elegant food fresh from our garden and greenhouse and Chilean wines. You are in control of your schedule. Let us know if you want more private time. You can arrange your own private guide for your activities. A masseuse can be scheduled to hike up to the cabin for after the heavy activities. Only one couple or group is scheduled per week, so reserve dates are limited. The ranch is surrounded by acres of private property with rivers on two sides. A private nature trail is the access to the CondorNest. In case of high privacy needs, we have delivered refuge and secrecy to celebrities. This is a truly one of a kind unique experience that allows a couple or group to really spend quality time with each other, experience the entire river valley, yet return each night to the ranch with private exclusive support. No need to pack the bags each day. This is not for everyone but if you appreciate nature and off the grid living this location offers an experience of a lifetime.

Honeymoon at CondorNest trip report and Photos J & Meg's

Chile's Futaleufu River provides rafters the ultimate whitewater challenge. The whitewater rapids start 22 kilometers upstream from the ranch allowing one to finish at the ranch. Downstream 23 kilometers of exciting whitewater await your departure. It is an ideal location for comfort privacy, and minimum transport in vehicles. The river's name is derived from a local Indian word meaning "big, big river" and it more than lives up to it. Mulitsport activities can be done as three trail heads take off in different directions. Nearby Lago Lonconao is stellar for sea kayaking.

Day by Day:

Day 1 Friday: Depart your home town:
Depart your home town: Fly to Miami and connect on an over night flight to Buenos Aires Argentina. Welcome to the warmth of the southern Hemisphere in summer.

Day 2 Saturday: Travel to Trevelin, Patagonia Argentina
Early morning arrival in Buenos Aires. You can be met by a private transport to change airports for another flight to Esquel Argentina. Trevelin Argentina is a charming mountain village gateway just 45 minutes from the Esquel aiport and 45 minutes from the Futaleufu River in Chile. Check into the Casa de Piedra the best hotel in town, and walk to one of several Argentine restaurants with the Chilean Andes in view. Unwind, relax, and get a good night's sleep before the start of your trip the next morning.

Day 3 Sunday: Your trip starts. Raft from the near the Border to Campo Tres Monjas
In the morning after breakfast. After a relaxing night's sleep at a hotel in the quaint Welch town of Trevelin deep in Patagnia Argentina, we begin this exciting trip with a quick shuttle across the Chilean/Argentinean border and into the Futaleufu Valley. After clearing customs we go direct to the Futaleufu put in where we will meet your guides and rafts. After changing into our river gear, your luggage will be whisked away and magically show up at the CondorNest accommodations before you arrive. After the introduction of whitewater and paddling skills we encounter a section of mild class II water flowing through the Las Escalas valley. A couple of hours later the river shows its wild side and we encounter "Zeta" and "Throne Room", two of the most challenging (Class V+) rapids on the Futaleufu. We study and will portage both. After the portages, we get into our first action, the section called "The Wild Mile" which contains Tres Islas (III), Roller Coaster (III), Honorable Mention (IV minus), Wild Mile (IV minus) and the climatic Thing. The excitement doesn't stop until we get to the confluence of the Futaleufu and Azul rivers as we take out on the unspoiled beach at our Camp Tres Monjas with the stunning peak of the same name standing guard. This idyllic spot will serve as the take out and put in for your activities for the rest of the week's adventures. A fifteen minute walk on a nature trail brings you to you CondorNest ranch where you will find your luggage and apres rafting wine and cheese waiting while dinner is prepared.

Day 4 Monday: Rafting: Terminator Section and the Heart of the Futaleufu
In the morning after breakfast a short walk town to the rafts waiting at the beach for you to start today's rafting. This has to be one of the most fun and action packed days of rafting, anywhere on earth. We take off from our sand beach at camp and head downstream to a couple of warm up rapids before the river takes on an extremely powerful nature, with the longest rapid on the Futa, the "Terminator" (Class V). After a careful scout and plan we will run this rapid. Just below, we'll have to negotiate the hole filled "Khyber Pass" (Class IV+) and the Himalayas (Class IV), with perhaps the biggest standing waves in the hemisphere with a huge pool below. After Lunch we run another complete section called the the Heart of the Futaleufu or bridge to bridge section. This section, from the Zapata swinging bridge to the Puente Futaleufu, includes five miles of Class IV+ rafting action. Rapids such as "Entrada", "Pillow", "Tiburon", and "Mundaca" with its must-see explosion hole, will keep you on your toes. Though drop pool the pools are short and the action non stop. After the trip we return to the ranch.

Day 5 Tuesday: Lower Futaleufu Rafting: The Heart of the Futaleufu and Casa de Piedra Section
We take off from the beginning of the Heart of the Futaleufu or bridge to bridge section. This is a repeat of the action packed section from the day before which makes things less stressful and even more fun as you learn to adapt to the rhythm of the river. B to B is five miles of Class IV+ rafting. On this second run smiles, power, fun dominate. "Entrada", "Pillow", "Tiburon", and "Mundaca" are even more fun know that you have an idea that you will get through. After the quick repeat of the bridge to bridge section, we will continue on further for a new experience as we enter the lower section of river called the Casa de Piedra section. We will thread through the well named Maso Manos rapid getting ready for the magical and daunting rapid Casa de Piedra. Casa, as commonly called by our expert guides, is a long class V rapid appropriately named for the house size rock that must be navigated before flying past the helicopter eddy and down through a maze of truck size holes and waves. The take out is at a spectacular cliff wall with towering glaciers in the distance. This is an incredible day of whitewater. The only thing that can beat this is what we have planned for Wednsday. After we finish this section our vehicles will be waiting at the take out as you drive back upstream to the CondorNest ranch and the 15 minute trail that take your home away from home.

Day 6 Wednesday: Rafting Inferno to Campo
This is the most demanding, committing, and hazardous section of the Futaleufu, the highlight of our Patagonia rafting program! It is also optional. If you feel that you have had enough with the previous sections a multisport activity can be scheduled. To raft this section safely, the river levels must be correct, you must have rafted the "Heart" section with us and met all of our safety requirements. We put in at the Río Espolon bridge and raft to the the confluence with the Futaleufu River. At the "Gates of Infierno", we enter the "Infierno Canyon" with several consequential and continuous Class V drops. After an exciting morning of rafting in the Inferno canyon, the river widens with spectacular views of Las Escalas Valley. After a section of mild class II water, the river returns to its wild side and we encounter "Zeta" and "Throne Room", two of the most challenging (Class V+) rapids on the Futaleufu. We will portage both and have an opportunity to watch a safety kayaker run them. After the portages, we get into an action packed section called "The Wild Mile", which contains a continuous stretch of Class III and IV rapids. Futaleufu river rafting does not get any better than the whitewater we have just experienced! After the Wild Mile we arrive at the Río Azul under the sentinel of the Tres Monjas peaks. Tonight, weather permitting we will have dinner outside on the porch as the late sun Shines on the CondorNest than longer than any other place in the valley. Not a bad idea to ask for the massuse to arrive work out any sore muscles you might have after a big day of paddling.

Day 7 Thursday: Trekking around Tres Monjas or up the Tres Monjas
After breakfast we set out on a trail for the planned Trek around the Tres Monjas peak. One trek takes us around the backside of the Tres Monjas peak crossing creeks and through Coyhue forests (4 hours). The most challenging option is the all day climb (8 to 12 hours) up the the Monjas and through the enchanted forest of rare Lenga trees that have adapted to the thin soil high on the mountain. Their fight for survival coupled with their vulnerability contribute to a fascinating environment and an exciting hike! You can experience an incredible view of the area just beneath the dramatic spires. If you just want a day at camp to yourself to relax, swim, read on that beach, grab a massage or just take in the natural beauty...take the day off and do whatever. Just return in time for wine and snacks before dinner.

Day 8 Friday: Multisport option day: Further Trekking / Mt Bike / Sea Kayak or learn to roll a kayak.
1. Trekking up to the scenic overlook Piedra del Aguila. Finish in the Village of Futaleufu
2. Mountain Biking from Camp into the village of Futaleufu.
3. If you want to Kayak we have one man and two man kayaks for exploring either Lago Espolon or Lago Lonconao depending which way the wind blows. Afterwards we return to the village of Futaleufu.
4. If there are three or more interested in learning to whitewater kayak this can be an option. Most Fridays, we have our head of instruction a former Olympian teach our Rafting Multisport guests the essential points of this exciting sport in a non-threatening environment. This is an opportunity to try this exciting sport first in a lagoon, then on gentle moving water on a introduction section of the Rio Espolon. We finish in Futaleufu.

After the activities we will have a little time to change clothes and to take a small tour of Futaleufu. We make our way toward the border where your taxi awaits to take you to your Hotel in Trevelin. Check into your hotel, take a shower and change clothes before enjoying your last night in Patagonia. There are a handful of outstanding and reasonably priced restaurants in Trevelin that we can recommend. Relax, recover and look back on the exciting week of rafting before heading home the following morning.

Day 9 Saturday: Return to Capital City
Depending on your connections you are now are in Argentina ready for an early departure in a cab from you hotel to the airport in Esquel and for your flight back to Buenos Aires.

Day 10 Sunday: Return Home


Condornest Ranch

Condornest Interactive Map

Price per Person: $3695.00 USD Price valid for a 4 person trip minimum
Single Occupancy if available $200 usd

Special Flexibility: Exchile will be flexible to make your trip a total success. The actual program for your custom trip will vary according to the desires and skill level of your group, weather, or other factors. Patagonia has constantly changing weather patterns that might affect what day is best for a certain activity. If a certain part of your trip is not possible due to danger risks and weather extremes, our experienced guide staff will work with you to figure out the best possible option to substitute for the weather complications. If you have any concerns, please feel free to ask us more about the situations and what is guaranteed on the trip.

Included: Your described trip, guiding, instruction, activity equipment, local transportation, shuttles, all meals, wine with dinner, accommodations at our eco-camps, cabins, ranches or lodges, while on your trip. We offer a free pick up on Sunday mornings at 9 am in Trevelin at your hotel, and drop off to your hotel in Trevelin, Argentina on Fridays at 9 pm. See the packing list of your activity, for the specific clothing that is required.

Not Included: All en-route transportation, food, pre-trip hotel(s) from your home town to your trip pick up point.
All en-route transportation, food, lodging, post-trip hotel(s) from your trip drop off point back to your home town.

Once you are traveling on a exchile trip you should have no extra expenses unless you are desiring, laundry services, massage, gifts, or additional alcohol beyond what is included. If you want to add activities that are not listed as options on your itinerary we are super flexible to cater to your wishes. However extra activities may be subject to an additional charge if not included on your day by day intinerary.

How to organize your En-route in one step: We can have Gilda (G & G Travel and Tours) our recommended travel agent arrange all en-route transportation, pre and post trip hotels for your exchile trip or trips. Give her a call and compare prices. She often beats internet fares.

Expediciones Chile and G & G Travel and Tours are not financially responsible for your travel complications getting to your trip pick up point and back home from the trip drop off point, HOWEVER, we will be relentless allies 24/7 in offering our influence to help solve any issues that you may encounter in route. This is our part of the world and we are extremely well connected. Our clients provide significant business for the transportation services we recommended, they work with us and they know that we aggressively represent our guests in finding solutions while they are in route to exchile trips. We recommend purchasing travel insurance.

Trip Pick up spot: The Border between Futaleufu Chile and Esquel Argentina
Trip Drop off spot: The Border between Futaleufu Chile and Esquel Argentina
Alternative Trip Drop off spot: Futaleufu for a transfer to Chaiten and flight back to Puerto Montt Chile.
Season: Regular Season is Dec - March.
Extended Season/Charter trips 4 person minimum /Nov 15- Dec1 and April 1 - April 15.
Experience Needed: None but is helpful
Physical Challenge: Moderately High
Cultural Experience: Moderately High
Nature Experience: High
Comfort Rating:  High
Max Trip Size: 16
Min Trip Size: 4
Region Visited: Argentina and Chilean Patagonia, Futaleufu River Valley
Lakes, Rivers, Sites Visited: Futaleufu Village, Las Escalas Valley, All sections of the Rio Futaleufu, Gelves Canyon, Rio Azul, Lago Lonconao
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Direct Line, USA:
+1.208.629.5032 (7am/5 pm mst)
Toll Free, USA:
+1.888.488.9082 (7am/5 pm mst)
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